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Cheap food for bulking up?

I am currently bulking up, is there any cheap high calorie foods ( either than fast food restaurants ), like stuff you can buy at a store or make at home?

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    You will need lots of protein for bulk versus calories that will accumulate as fat. Eat lots of grilled chicken, salmon and steaks. Lean cuts of meat will lend to few fat calories and better protein. Add veggies with any grilled meat and eat as much as you can. Hope you are also working out and lifting weights. Try a protein shake everyday as well.

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    Cheap and convenient: a package of macaroni noodles, a pound of ground meat and a jar of sauce. Boil the noodles, fry the ground meat with an onion, warm up the sauce and mix everything together. Add cooked and diced carrots if you wish. You can go a whole week with that for under $10 and it's ever so easy to warm up a single portion in the micro-wave. For a vegetarian meal, start by frying together green onions, green peppers, mushrooms and grated carrots. Add plenty of rice, cover with water and cook slowly until the water is absorbed. Again that will give you several portions for a few dollars that are easy to warm-up in the micro-wave.

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