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How do I reset an admin password for a Mac OS X without a install disc?

I cant figure out how to reset this password without an install disc or a bootable. I dont remeber the old password and every time I try to restart my computer while holding: apple key+ s I get prompted with:

If you wish to boot the system , but stay in single user mode:

sh /etc/rc

localhost:/ root#

I can't figure out what to do from here.

Please help Im not too tech savey.

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    Assuming you can log in to the computer with somebody's password, and that somebody is an admin:

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    i do no longer own a Mac anymore, yet as quickly as ingredient that does paintings (if reinstalling is all you have have been given), set up OS X to a 2d partition or force and reproduction over your information from the previous set up (all your significant information). Then merely format the previous partition and resize the hot one to take up the gap.

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