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Senegal Parrot or Green Cheek Conures?

I'm looking to possibly get a bird and I've narrowed it down to a Senegal or a Green Cheek Conures because of their friendly personalities & tend to be quieter birds. I have a 3 year old who loves pets and my elderly mom lives with us so this would be a companion for all of us. I need a bird that will get along with everyone but I will be the primary care taker.

Does anyone have any experience with both of these birds? Any recommendations? Good, bad or other are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Birds are naturally prone to becoming "one-person" birds, as you've heard from these previous replies, but that is also up to you. If you get a bird that is one or two weeks out of weaning (and fully weaned), you have a window of opportunity for about one month to get him used to socializing with other people. Talk to a reputable local breeder about it (

    In the wild, parrots can live in flocks of up to 100 birds, but still they typically choose ONE other bird to favor and give all their attention to. All parrots will lean towards this, and if you are their primary caretaker, this special flock member will be you.

    I have a senegal and I breed green cheek conures. Both can become fiercely aggressive to people outside of their favorite, but, like I said, if socialized well they CAN be very friendly to others. I don't know how this would work out with your three-year-old... It would be hard to let them interact safely, let alone productively. It would probably frustrate both of them. Your baby probably wants your attention most of the time, and so will the bird. Jealousy could ensue. Both of these birds are fragile and can easily be mishandled on accident, and when that first bite comes around (which it will, all birds will bite at some point), your three-year old may think otherwise of befriending your new hobby.

    Both of these birds live about 30 years. I would honestly wait til your child is a bit older before you invest in another "baby." Because that's what they are- they require excessive amounts of attention and are relatively high-maintainence. Any good breeder will tell you the same thing. At least 4 hours of supervised time outside of the cage daily, and at least one hour of one-on-one interaction with you. They don't have other birds to rely on for attention, so it would be completely up to you to split time equally between your mother, child, and possibly (but I don't know) work and the rest of your life. Can you fit 4 hours for your bird in every day?

    Anyways, these are some things to consider. I wish someone had mentioned these important things to me before I got my first bird a long time ago! I had no idea how intimate they get. Both of these birds are great companions and will reward you with years of either happiness or misery, depending on what YOU do about it! :)

    Source(s): Bird breeder, owns many species of parrots, member of the Oklahoma Avicultural Society.
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    Green cheeked conure are better, they don't bite hard and less noisy than the Senegal. Senegal are easier to train though. Green cheeked conure are usually better at speaking but it depends how you train them. Senegal price range: $400- $1,200 Green cheeked conure preice range: $100- $400 Senegal are not good beginner birds but GCC are. Senegal can get to your bone. Cockatiel are great pet birds too.

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    I own 2 Green Cheeks. They are quieter birds than the larger conures. They tend to be a little nippy. But if you find a bird that was hand fed and worked with a lot, they tend to be great birds. I got my 1st one at work. I work at a little pet store in maine. He wasn't hand fed and he was evil! lol. Now, he's on the nicer side and loved attention. My 2nd one is nice, rarely bites, but doesn't like to cuddle.

    I think nutrition is very important. I feed a pellet based diet. Seeds as treats. Most pet store sell Lafeber's pellets. Good stuff. Conures LOVE fruits and veggies!! No avacoda, chocolate, apple seeds. Other than that anything you can eat the bird can eat. Vitamin K is a must as well.

    Other than that good luck!

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    Senegals are wonderful birds, as are Green cheeks conures (GCC). Both these birds will probably get along with everyone but will probably only be very affectionate to one person, hopefully you but unfortunately you can't chose who your bird will like and no its not necessarily the one who plays with it most.

    GCC Pros:



    Friendly (with owner)


    Easy to keep/own compared to other birds

    Sometimes mimics words

    GCC Cons:

    Can be nippy

    Sometimes can be one person birds

    Can be loud at times

    A bit expensive to purchase but not compared to other birds

    Senegal Pros:

    Nice and small

    Not very noisy

    Good whistler

    learn to talk more often than GCC

    Friendly (with owner)


    Senegla Cons:

    Sometimes are one person birds

    Sometimes nip

    Sometimes change their loyalty to someone else

    A bit expensive but not compared to other birds

    I hope this helps! :) Have fun with your bird! Whatever species you decide to get! :)

    Source(s): Loving pet owner
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    They are both good birds,The green cheek is hard to beat.I love mine, But the most loveing bird is the black capped conure.They are hard to find but they the most loveing bird you will find

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