Can England qualify for the 2010 World Cup after the next two matches against Kazakhstan and Andorra?

Or would they need to get anything against Croatia in September?

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    ENGLAND could not qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup final just yet even if they beat KAZAKHSTAN & ANDORRA in their upcoming qualifying matches. this is because CROATIA in 2nd place behind ENGLAND in the UEFA European Group 6 could still have a mathematical chance of catching ENGLAND at the top of the standings.

    should ENGLAND & CROATIA win their upcoming qualifying matches against (KAZAKHSTAN v ENGLAND, ANDORRA v ENGLAND & CROATIA v UKRAINE) in June 2009, ENGLAND will accumulate 21 points from 7 matches & CROATIA will accumulate 13 points from 6 matches.

    their destiny will be decided in September 2009 when ENGLAND host CROATIA in their penultimate match. ENGLAND will qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup finals if they beat CROATIA at home & thus they will qualify as the group winners.

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    If we win both our matches, Croatia only pick up One Point against Belarus and Ukraine and the Ukraine fail to win both games against the Croats and Kazakhstan AND Belarus don't win both against Andorra and Croatia, then Yes.

    Although it is Unlikely, with all that needing to happen.

  • Well it took them 52 mins to score against the Kazakhs and 49 mins against Andorra.

    Source(s): So don't hold your breath.
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    I didn't know Andorra had enough territory to even build a soccer field.

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