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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsMusic & Music Players · 1 decade ago

What is the best mp3 between Ematic touch screen 8gb player or an iriver e100 8gb?

Ematic has a 3 inches touch screen.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i bought the ematic em308vid (the touch screen you're talking about) from walmart, and i was very impressed with it, the screen is very responsive, unlike the optimus or onda players, the sound quaility is very good, if it isn't try changing the earbuds it came with, i thought the radio didn't work, but then i figured out how to get a good signal, the design is pretty good, doesn't even look close to an ipod touch, and i like that.

    but the problem was with the videos, i don't know it i didn't convert or resize the videos right or what happened, the player didn't want to play my wmv's or avi's, it froze up when i played the avi's, then i resized a wvm to 1.0 mbps., and it played very good, also i converted some to mp4 and it played it even better, the large wide screen is very good to watch videos and movies, but i returned beacuase i was afraid it would freeze again, it seems the first ones they did were devective, however, i ordered this again, i just fell in love with it, it's small, cheap, good looking,and works.

    Hope the new one i'll get works all fine.

    Source(s): my experinece
  • 1 decade ago

    ipod touch 2nd gen 8gb but if apple is not your thing the erever is not good in the screen is mediocre compared to the latest generation of MP3 players. For instance Sony, SAMSUNG, and Creative have better looking screens. This is not typical to iriver since its W7 in this generation has a great looking screen. The main issue with the E100’s screen is the contrast ratio is poor- where blacks just are not black enough. Viewing angles are also poor, especially from the top down SO this is from walmart (This product looks nice and that is about it. It will freeze up every time you use it. I returned mine)

    This is a very cheap device. It feels cheap and sounds cheap. Not to mention that you can not get any type of support for the product. The radio did not always work. I could not get any type of help with the product from the site at all. I e-mailed the company 2 weeks ago, and I still have not heard a word from them. Not even a do not reply e-mail stating that they received my request. I rather pay the extra money like I did and get a ZUNE) but some people liked it but i would not press your ematic has got to be better

    Source(s): walmart review
  • 5 years ago

    if your talking relating to the iphone you're able to flow to the app save and seek wifinder and obtain it and for the ipod touch that still a stable app to apply it locate the wifi extra beneficial than it locate the networks interior the iods settings.

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