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taiwan's contribution to japan?

I did a quick search on this topic at yahoo! tw, but I couldn't find anything.

i can think of many things japan has contributed to taiwan, but ....?


Do taiwanese just "take&take&take"?

They don't "give"??

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    Taiwan is one of the world's IT giants. It provides personal computers and semiconductors to Japan. Taiwan's PCs are famous for high quality and competitive price among the Japanese.

    A lot of Taiwanese tourists visit Japan, which brings huge economical benefit to both urban and rural areas in our country. They generally have favorable impression to Japan: a near, safe, clean country with convenient transportation and fascinating tourism sites. Cultural similarity also make Japan popular among them.

    Japanese farm products have good reputation for high quality and safety. The Taiwanese have similar eating habit and quality of life to the Japanese. Taiwan is one of the promising markets for them.

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    not much, but the very website we are using right now (yahoo) is co-founded by a taiwanese, so you can say its taiwan's contribution to the world, not just japan.

    btw, youtube was co-founded by a taiwanese as well.

    Source(s): I lived in Silicone Valley
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    Fried chicken chop....

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