A good friend of mine just told me her daughter was cured of leukemia?

This is not a joke question. Her daughter has been battling with cancer for some time. She received a lab result that basically had them back to the cancer center ready to start chemo. They fasted 24 hours her husband is a priest and gave the child a blessing. The bone marrow biopsy the next day was negative for cancer. She is not making this up. She was crying as she told me the story. They happen to be mormon. I pick on all religions equally and she knows I am an atheist. She told me I had to believe. No she was not hostile or going around trying to convert people. She genuinely believed that Jesus cured her child. Her statement to me was that you might say viral infection or that the initial test was wrong. Instead I say I don't know.

When I say I don't know I mean exactly that. Simply because I don't know why the initial lab said what it did does not imply a magical or miracle cure. Why are there rainbows? Only with advances in physics did we come to know the origin of rainbows.

My question is do you believe this was a miracle healing?

1) she genuinely believes it was

2) no concrete theory has been advanced to my knowledge to explain things, it could have been a virus or a lab error but I cannot say that for certain


midnight thanks for the anecdote. It seems we do get the opposite occuring but it never seems to make the headlines.

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    Before you waste your time looking up the new york times and msnbc links, ask yourself when these entities were anything but antagonistic to Christianity.

    Some believers say it is pointless to try to divine the workings of God with experiments devised by mortals. I agree. The disciples asked why their prayers weren't answered. The reply was that they lacked the foundation of faith to support their prayers. The "study" mentioned above (both links refer to the same information) documents prayer for statistical purposes, not prayer by faith. As a result, it would naturally fall flat.

    The word of God from Malachi 3:10 shows tithing to be the only thing you can expect God to be willing to prove Himself through.

    About 20 years ago, a man from my church was also cured of leukemia during a prayer service. The last pastor we had was given six months to live due to a brain tumor which mysteriously disappeared at a Church of God camp meeting - that was 30 years ago, and he's still living with no sign of cancer. Our current pastor had lifelong debilitating back problems until he took a week to pray and fast. I've seen healings too many times of problems too physically evident to be bad doctor prognosis's of the problems.

    In contrast to the bad example of "prayer testing" cited above, we also have:

    San Francisco cardiologist Randolph Byrd, conducted an experiment in which he asked born-again Christians to pray for 192 people hospitalized for heart problems, comparing them with 201 not targeted for prayer. No one knew which group they were in. He reported in 1988 that those who were prayed for needed fewer drugs and less help breathing.

    William S. Harris of St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City, Mo., and colleagues published similar results in 1999 from a study involving nearly 1,000 heart patients, about half of whom were prayed for without their knowledge.

    Why are there rainbows? Prismatic diffraction of light.

    Why are there miracles? God is good. This incident may be him reaching out to you.

    Edit: Regarding Val's marketing link...my father was a heavy follower of alternative medicine philosophies. Alternative medicine, like mainstream medicine, is also a multibillion dollar industry. However, alternative medicines didn't stop him from getting Alzheimer's or stop his appendix from rupturing. Plus, on a personal level, any place like AHS which posts advertisements with pricing like this

    "Retail Price $88.95

    Member Price $12.00" and product names like "No Fool I"

    (page 15 in the above link)

    seems to be preying upon the gullibility of potential customers.

    Chocko's point A is hopeless, as he misses the point that disease and decay are the natural order of things, not a matter of God messing around playing "good cop, bad cop."

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    No, I dont believe this is a miracle. I have had leukemia, twice. And there are several things that could show bad lab results, but nothing be wrong once you do the biopsy. I have actually been in that position before. A lab showed outragously high white blood cell counts and a lot of blast cells, but when they did the biopsy to double check and some more lab work, I just has a really bad infection. No cancer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1) No. There is no evidence that it was; no observation of cause and effect to judge what that cause was and its linkage to the effect. To say that it was is a presumption that cannot be substantiated. It would be possible to state a number of alternative explanations that would be indistinguishable from what was seen to happen, so it cannot be narrowed down to that.

    2) Medicine is an inexact science, and is based on probabilities and statistics. People can and do get better of very dangerous diseases, but the probability is low. There are few diseases that have a 100% fatality rate, and the human body, a complex and still partly mysterious machine, behaves in ways we don't always expect.

    As you say, it's a little like rainbows. Things that were not understood were attributed to 'supernatural' causes. While we learn more about the universe, such phenomena are better understood and known to be perfectly natural. However, we still have significant gaps in our knowledge, and this is still the preserve of such supernatural 'explanations'.

    Note that such explanations are always presumptions, not actual observations. No god is observed interacting with the human body to effect a cure; it's just that the person gets better, and the cause is attributed. Do you doubt that believers in other deities attribute it to their gods?

    There may be a time when the mysteries and complexities about the human body and its problems are much better understood, closing a knowledge gap. Until then, supernatural belief has a home there.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If the lab tests had been 100% accurate then she would have not been going though a bone marrow biopsy. That is not something you do lightly.

    Every day thousands of people fast and pray to God to cure them, and nothing happens. What makes this girl special from all the others?

    The have been Hindus in the same position who have fasted and prayed to Vishnu - as far as these people are concerned a false god - and they are 'cured' too. At the same rate at which Christians or Mormons or Muslims are 'cured'. (Or more accurately receive a false positive test result)

    And there are atheists who are 'cured' with no prayer at all.

    How does this woman explain all these other deaths? How does she explain all these other 'cures'?

    I am happy for her that her daughter turned out to be O.K. I would not want to be in that situation. But all this means is that her daughter had a false positive test result which was corrected by the more accurate biopsy test. Have her talk to her doctor about the accuracy of the lab tests and the chances of a false positive.

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    Many people are healed by priesthood blessings. That is how Jesus healed sick people in the New Testament and Book of Mormon accounts, by the power and authority of the priesthood He holds. In restoring His church back upon the earth, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he has also given this priesthood authority within the Church to perform such acts in His name, as directed by the Spirit when blessings are given. Not everyone will be healed, because it isn't always God's will that they be so. I have known people who have had the length of their lives extended and their quality of life improved by such blessings even though they still eventually passed away, and God's hand was in it throughout. Blessings are also given for strength, comfort and guidance during our afflictions. The most important thing in giving a priesthood blessing is that the one pronouncing it is following the Spirit rather than his own personal preference. Faith and worthiness are also important, but a proper blessing comes from God through the priesthood holder being led by the Spirit.

    There are scriptural and a few modern accounts of even the dead being raised, so there is no reason to doubt what your friend has told you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think it would depend on how long the child had been battling cancer. If it was say under 6 months, I would go with faulty lab results. But over 6 months and I would assume the cancer would be checked to see if spreading.

    Not sure, all things are possible.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's great that they got a happy ending, but it's not a miracle. It's within the realm of possibility. There has to be another explanation.

    Also, what about the families who fast and pray and have clergy give blessings, and the child dies anyway? What does that indicate?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a big advocate of Occam's Razor. All other things being equal, the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Therefore:

    A) A supernatural super-being who creates and micro-manages universes gave her daughter a deadly disease and then changed it's mind and took the disease away because she stopped consuming food for a day and because her male parent gave the child a "blessing".


    B) It was a viral condition that went away of it's own accord and the lab got it wrong due to human error.

    See the problem?

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  • ?
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    4 years ago

    Honestly I Wouldn't. Because they will feel sorry for you. I know this has nothing to do with what you have but when i lost my Mom everyone at school found out and they treated me Differently. In your case i would tell my Best Friends but other than that i wouldn't tell anyone else

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, I do not believe in miracles. The test was either wrong or her immune system naturally got rid of the illness. This happens a lot and if a god did perform miracles then what does he have against amputees and other people who do not get healed?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Medically speaking, sometimes our blood produces enzymes that automatically fight against Cancer with the help of some medicines. It happens 5 out of 1 million times.

    It must be a miracle for you though.

    Source(s): Some Book
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