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Does anyone else think Susan Boyle is seriously overrated?

I mean she can sing but i just dont think shes THAT good, unnecessary hype.

p.s. who would you like to win on saturday?

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    I'm sick to bloody death of her! My Gran can warble and has weird curly hairs and an amusing dress sense, shall I shoe her on the show next year then?

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    I think I can safely say (in the words of Amanda Holden) on behalf of Great Britain & the Queen herself, that Susan Boyle has ruined the potential competition that could have occured fairly amongst the other talented contestants. No ones denying Susans singing abilities, I just know (along with many other sane people) that if she didn't struggle with her looks and confidence (which currently shows through as pure cockiness) then she'd be seen in a completely different light. Maybe she'd be given more respect, but after blowing her last chance by ruining notes on her semi-final performance & continuously keeping out of time with the music, hypothetically if she were of a younger, slightly better looking generation, she'd be out of the competition. I believe she should be given no extra credit or chances because of her age - she's already been given enough of those plus extra blessings in her lifetime. She's already recorded songs for albums before and was noticed for her singing talent when she was a lot younger. She needs to accept that sympathy is not the way to get votes (even though that was proven wrong on Sunday evening) and if she wants to progress, which I'm sure she won't now, then she needs to work on her poor attitude to professionalism if she even wants to contemplate seeing herself succeeding in the future.

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    I want Julian to win on Saturday, he's made me appriciate the saxaphone. He plays beautifuly.

    As for Susan- I think she does have a good voice, and I do think it's great shes not steryotypicaly "pretty"- its refreshing not to see a lady who isnt fluttering her eyelashes and pulling down her shirt to get her talent further. BUT I think the attention she has got- for the ignorance of the judges in the first place is completely unfair on the other contestants. And to be honest, I dont like her attitude anymore, at the beginning i thought she was quite humble, but now after hearing mroe about her... im not so sure.

    At the end of the day, I will be increadibly suprised if she doesnt win BGT, but if she does, fair enough.

    And after reading through some of the comments peopl ehave left about her- people cant just claim everyone if 'jealous'; if fed up of people thinking they can win arguments by just accusing jealousy just because they dont like someone who is talanted. Its silly. Everyone doesnt like everyone and everything.

  • cantos
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    3 years ago

    confident our society is very shallow human beings asume because of the fact which you haven't any longer have been given 'the seem' you may no longer do something of magnitude. one and all envisioned susan boyle to be rubish because of the fact she became slightly loose and he or she wasn't atractive and regarded older then she became the comprehensive audence laughed ta her and puzzled her on desirous to be a profesonal singer yet once you want to be a singer you're able to sing and he or she will i recommend its stupid people who seem stable and can't sing could be singers like paris hilton (yet ideas you i personaly do no longer think of she seems stable) and the checklist manufacturers replace there voice we live in a shallow worldwide the place human beings think of purely the ritch suitable and the spoiled are the final properly if there so great why arn't they doing something that concerns to everyone out part there acquaintances and family individuals????

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  • hey
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    1 decade ago

    I know. She should really stop getting all this unwanted attention. She can sing opera, no big deal. The only real reason she had all this hype up for her is because of the way she looks and maybe her age. Really, she is REALLY overrated and I want Diversity to win.

    Go Diversity.

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    She does have a very beautiful voice, I havent heard the rest of the contestants however. Basically she is getting all the attention because the world wants to see the underdog win. The rags to riches story is always more interesting. I know simon is routing for her because he feels bad for judging her based solely on her non-classical beauty appearance.

  • 1 decade ago

    And how many more times is this question going to be asked? Leave the poor woman alone.

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    I'm sorry, but i agree with you too. She has media attention because she isn't some young, pretty girl, but a 48 year old spinster, who is slightly physically challenged in the looks department. If she was a 22 year old gorgeous blonde, noone would look twice.. Her voice is nice, but i've also heard better. That young 12 year old boy could sing rings around her.. Having said that so could the cute 17 year old.. Shaun smith i think his name is. I can't forgive her for completely ruining the beginning of memories.. That's a classic beautiful song she had no right touching with that mediocre voice.. However, it does seem to be rigged and a forgone conclusion she'll win, so i'm resigned to it. My hubby thinks Paul Potts who won 2 years ago is tons stronger vocally.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Singing wise? Not too sure, I've only seen her one performance, and that was her audition. I heard a little bit of her performing Cry Me a River apparently from years ago. She seems like a pretty good singer.

    Judging by the media hype, it seems to be a one horse race in the winnings; but since her hotel bust-up maybe there's a chance of someone else pipping her at the post.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Very overrated.

    i want Diversity to win

  • 1 decade ago

    I think that she is a below average singer, with an unpleasant attitude. Simon just wanted to hype her for some free publicity. That man never stops think about money.

    I would like the sax player to win. The singers all lack soul.

    I think the street dancers are extremley good, but they need to tell more of a story to make a it a bit more interesting. I was glad one crew decided not to wear black. That was an improvement, but it would have been even better if they could choose a British theme rather than an American one.

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