Why did France invade Mexico?

need a lot of detail.

what was the imperialism

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    the French intervention in Mexico was an invasion of Mexico by the army of the Second French Empire, supported in the beginning by the British and Spanish. it followed President Benito Juárez's suspension of interest payments to foreign countries on July 17, 1861, which angered Mexico's major creditors Spain, France and the United Kingdom. Napoleon III of France was the leader of this operation, and the three powers signed the Treaty of London on October 31, to unite their efforts to receive payments from Mexico. on December 8 the Spanish fleet and troops from Spanish-controlled Cuba arrived at Mexico's main Gulf port, Veracruz.

    the presidential terms of Benito Juárez (1858–71) were interrupted by the Habsburg monarchy's rule of Mexico (1864–67). conservatives tried to institute a monarchy when they helped to bring to Mexico an archduke from the Royal House of Austria, Maximilian of Habsburg, with the military support of France, which was interested in exploiting the rich mines in the north-west of the country. many historians believe that the French established the monarchy when they did because the United States was in the middle of its Civil War (1861–65), and thus was unable to intervene as it might according to its Monroe Doctrine.

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    The new French Emperor, Napoleon III, wanted to establish a new French Empire along the lines of the one built by his famous uncle, the original Napoleon.

    Mexico owed Spain, the UK, & France $$ but after fighting a civil war since the end of the war with the United States the country was in no position to repay anybody anything. Therefore the government told the 3 countries that they would suspend repayment of the debt til the country could get on its feet again. Once it did these 3 bills would be on the top of the 'must repay' pile.

    All 3 were not happy with this &, like a latter-day credit card, sent an armada to invade & force repayment. Once the ships anchored at Vera Cruz the Mexicans were able to convince the UK & Spanish that they were sincere in their promise to repay &, so, convinced them to leave. The French, though, figured their new empire could be established in the New World. As some Mexicans were looking to have a monarch ruling them, and since the country was Catholic like France, the French figured Mexico would be an ideal place to start the empire. So, under the pretext that they were invading to force a repayment of the $ owed to them, the French sent in their expeditionary (i.e. conquering) army.

    Source(s): The Mexican Adventure - osprey Publications Maximilian & Juarez
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    Why did France invade Mexico?

    need a lot of detail.

    what was the imperialism

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    France invaded Mexico, because, Mexico's new liberal government under Benito Juarez suspended payments of foreign debts to other countries, including France.

    Many conservative landowners and clergy left Mexico to seek the Help of Napoleon III. Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie de Montijo were swayed by the emigrees, and in December 1861, France and her allies invaded Mexico.

    Napoleon III intended to establish a European sovereign on Mexico's throne, having been vacant, and abolished since Augustin I of Iturbide lost his throne in 1823. The Archduke Maximilian of Austria (younger brother of the Emperor Franz Joseph I) was Napoleon's intended candidate for the throne.

    Maximilian's wife Charlotte of Belgium was very much for her husband accepting the crown of Mexico, but he had reservations. Eventually after much arm twisting, in April 1864, Maximilian accepted the throne, and renounced his succession rights to Austria. He and his wife Charlotte soon after embarked for Mexico after.

    Upon arrival in Mexico, he had began to alienate the people that had brought him there (conservatives, against the liberal Juarez), drafting a liberal constitution. This liberals would never accept a monarchy, and the conservatives would not accept his reforms.

    Meanwhile, In April 1865, the American Civil War ended, which allowed the U.S. to enforce the Monroe doctrine. This was a declaration by the U.S., stating that any attempts by European powers to intervene in the America's, would be opposed by the U.S.,and require the latter's intervention.

    Meanwhile, public opinion on the war in France was very bad. The costs of keeping the French troops in Mexico was proving costly. France declared in Spring 1866, that it was withdrawing its troops from Mexico. This was a huge blow to Emperor Maximilian, as he relied entirely on the French presence to keep his throne. After the civil war ended in the U.S., they began supplying the deposed Juarez with weapons and aid.

    Empress Charlotte traveled to Paris in Summer 1866. Charlotte was absolutely devastated. She begged for Napoleon's help in Mexico, and not to withdraw the troops. Napoleon, in an attempt to assuage Charlotte's worries, stated that he had a new kingdom for her husband planned in the Balkans, although this was entirely untrue. Shew worked herself into such a flurry, that she collapsed. Upon Empress Eugenie's (Napoleon III's wife) return to her with a glass of water, Charlotte threw thr glass at Napoleon and Eugenie, and claimed that they planned her husbands death and were trying to poison her. She cried for her husband, and when Eugenie tried to console her further, and said that Maximilian still has time to leave Mexico. Charlotte replied " but a Habsburg never runs away".

    Juarez began to make huge gains in throughout 1866. Mexico fell to the republicans in February 1867, and in May , having been under siege for several months by Juarez's republican forces, in Querétaro, Maximilian was captured. He was executed on June 19th 1867.

    Maximilian was the last monarch of Mexico.

    If Max had never excepted the Mexican throne, he would've become Emperor of Austria, if he outlived his older brother Franz Joseph, and the latters son the Archduke Rudolf.

    Source(s): "Napoleon III: A Life" by Fenton Bresler, [CAROLL AND GRAF] ISBN-13: 978-0786706600
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