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first one to answer this RIGHT , gets 10 EASY points, translate from english to french please?

1- How the hell do you speak such french ?

2- Anyway we all come to this point in life sooner or later,

just memorize the song i gave ya we you'll have 20 pounds and then you'll buy everything you want

"don't try to google the answer or anything, answer it if u're french


the we in phrase is actually "and" (my mistake ) and the french guy who answered didn't answer 1 correctly

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    1) Comment peux-tu parler un tel français?

    2) De toute façon, on en arrive tous à ce point dans la vie, tôt ou tard. Mémorise simplement la chanson que je t'ai donnée (we = weekend??) ce week-end et alors tu auras 10 livres et tu pourras t'acheter tout ce que tu veux.

    edit so it's "que je t'ai donnée ET alors tu auras etc...."

    "The hell" is vulgar language, that's why I didn't translate it, but if you like I can: we would say "Putain, c'est quoi ce français que tu parles?", which is colloquial and vulgar.

    Source(s): I'm French*
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