What is wrong with the Republican Party...?

They seem to be going backwards.Should we call them the party of "NO"?Everything that this Administration says or does they don't want to support,they just want to criticize.21% say they are Republicans-huh,that's one out of five!

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    The Republican Party is being destroyed from WITHIN.

    1. Karl Rove and his “turn political discourse into an open sewer” tactics have turned a lot of people OFF. [Although there still seems to be a nearly endless supply in here daily.]

    2. The religious fanatics still have too much power.

    3. The bigots still haven't been encouraged strongly enough to HIT THE ROAD!

    If these problems are not fixed immediately,



    There will be a mass exodus of moderates to

    Become independents

    Become Libertarians

    Become Democrats [a few]

    The process has already begun; only 20% identify themselves as Republicans in polls now.

    What is left of the Republican Party at the end of this process will drown in its own bile.

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    They aren't the party of "NO". They are(or are supposed to be) the party of fiscal responsibility. They are the party of smaller federal government and lower taxes. They are the party of states and individual rights and freedom. They are the party of the constitution. Why should they say "YES" to any of the Obama policies which go against everything they stand for? Somebody has to stand up against the policies that totally ignore the constitution and take more and more of our freedom away. Policies that have the federal government taking over private business, which is NOT constitutional. Spending bills(like the 1100 page $1.2 trillion "stimulus" package) that are passed by Dummycrats who don't have time(less than twelve hours to read 1100 pages) to read the bill. Wasn't it Hillary Clinton who screached at the top of her lungs that it was not only our right, it was our patriotic duty to question the government? Now all of the sudden those who are dissenting aren't being responsible, they're just getting in the way. They are critisizing Obama(which is nothing compared to slanderous, unproven accusations that Obama and the Dummycrats made of the Bush administration).They are the party of "NO". Maybe Obama and his pals should quit their whining and finger pointing and learn what their job is, then DO IT!

    The Republicans lost their way for a while. They thought that they had to sell their souls and move more to the center in order to get elected. THAT'S why only 21% say they are Republicans. You should be asking how many are conservative. I'm sure you'd get a much higher number than 21%. You will see the percentage of those who will vote Republican go up if the Republicans get back to their conservative principles.

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    Well, there is nothing inherently "wrong" with the Republican Party, just as there is nothing inherently "wrong" with the Democratic Party.

    Political power shifts in America - it is like a pendulum.

    Just think from 1980...

    Reagan in 1980 - Republican

    Reagan in 1984 - Republican

    Bush in 1988 - Republican

    Clinton in 1992 - Democrat

    Clinton in 1996 - Democrat

    Bush in 2000 - Republican

    Bush in 2004 - Republican

    Obama in 2008 - Democrat

    Each party has had to refine its message over time. Each party has valid philosophical views. Some agree with one party, some agree with another. Some are in the middle.

    Neither party should be in power too long - power corrupts. But don't worry - the pendulum will swing back to the Republican side again. And then after a few years, it will swing to the Democrats again. That is just how it works.

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    Did you just start following politics recently? The party that is not in power ALWAYS is the party of "NO". It doesn't make any difference if it is the Republicans or the Democrats. They oppose nearly everything that the current administration proposes because it is the only way for them to show they are different and possibly win back control in future elections. Eventually, the party in power makes a big enough mistake that the people turn against them and elect the other party.

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    The same thing that's wrong with the Democratic Party. The US NEEDS to have 3 parties. Any more, and a Democracy becomes untenable, but with only 2, the parties either have to become too "Big Tent" or will just become too narrow in focus. The only way for us to develop 3 parties in the US is naturally, through national instant runoff elections. The states that have done this have seen an increase in 3rd parties, and in more people-oriented political conversation from the big 2.

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    You mean unlike Obama selling posts? Louis Susman has one thing in common with many of his predecessors nominated to be the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom: money.

    Susman, 71, a retired Citigroup Inc. senior investment banker, raised between $200,000 and $500,000 for President Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and another $300,000 for his inauguration. On Wednesday, Obama nominated Susman to the post formally known as the Court of St. James.

    Like Andrew Mellon, Joseph Kennedy and Walter Annenberg before him, Susman’s credentials stem more from involvement in financing party politics than foreign policy experience.

    Even with his pledges to change government, Obama is following the tradition of his predecessors by offering some ambassadorships to top campaign backers, including four of the 12 nominations this week. The president acknowledged in a news conference in January that donors might get plum postings.

    “The practice of rewarding donors is a remnant of the spoils system that we abolished in the civil service,” said career diplomat Ronald Neumann, president of the American Academy of Diplomacy and a former ambassador to Afghanistan. “It is a dismal testimony to the importance of money in our electoral system.”

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    They are losing moderates fast, are acting like wieners, let fat sissies and hypocrites like rush and nyet to speak for the party instead of pointing out the Republican accomplishments and promoting ideas and new solutions to real domestic and international problems.

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    Nothing is wrong with the party; it's just that the standard-bearers of the recent past haven't fully embraced the core party platform of limited government and fiscal responsibility. More people left the GOP because it wasn't being conservative enough, rather than it being too conservative.

    And it is good they are opposing the horrible policies of Obama and the Democrats - those policies are bad economically and ruinous for our constitutional freedoms and rights. They expand government size and power beyond any recognizable constitutional authority; and government expands only at the cost of individual freedom.

    They do agree with some things Obama does, such as when he smartly continues Bush policies.

    The GOP will come back once it embraces its root principles.

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    Are you kidding? We should embrace being the party of "NO."

    No more excessive spending

    No more borrowing 50 cents of every dollar spent by the government.

    No more activist judges.

    No more bailouts.

    I'm sure there are many other "No" positions that would appeal to most of the country.

  • What is wrong with the Republican Party is that it lets Democrats into its leadership.

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