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Terminator Jeopardy.?

Answer the questions down below

1.How are Sarah and John related?

2.Who played the role of the evil girl robot from T3?

3.Name one persons name from the resistance bisides John?

4.Whats the bigist terminators name?

5.What year was T4 based on?

6.What type of guns do the terminators have on it?

7.What city was judgment day based in?

8.In what year was the first Terminator flimed in?

9.Who was mistaken for a robot in the 4th movie?

10.Can a terimantor ever die?

Good Luck

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    1. Mother/Son

    2. Kristina Loken

    3. Kyle Reese

    4. I forget

    5. 2018

    6. Who cares

    7. Los Angeles I think

    8. 1980something

    9. No one, Marcus is a robot


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