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What tickets to see a band/performer/comedian/whatever have you gotten recenly or will be waiting first..?

in line to buy when they go on sale?

I know Emily got tickets for Placebo.. lol ;P

I got tickets to see the english comedian Michael McIntyre! He's a legend. He's coming to the city I live in. People rarely come to perform here, so I'm so glad we don't have to travel to see him!

How about you?

Hugs and goodnight / good moring, rise and shine people!! :o)



Emily: Lol, hey, huggies! :o) - Mine are for.. July I think. I was hoping the Britains Got Talent tour would be at least stopping once here, but.. nope :/ Not even in the country! Just the UK grr. I'd love to see Kelly Clarkson. I so hope she comes here again! Or Katy Perry.. *swoon* lol

Update 2:

Lol @ The Nolan Sisters! Now that would be a treat!!

I'm surprised nobody is answering this question.. I thought there'd be some saying they were going to Oxegen or whatnot - [ ]

Update 3:

James? Undiscovered? :( I wanna see him!!! I'd love to see Lily Allen. I think she'd be great! Aww, you don't like Katy Perry? :( Boo!! Haha, I love her ;P

Update 4:

Haha I saw Pink 2 years ago ;P She was.. a-a-a-amaaaaazing xD I loved her. Hmm.. she's amazing!!

Update 5:

I was once gonna go to see Duffy. But she was playing on Thursday night and it was up in Dublin and I couldn't get off my course the next day! That sucked. I really wanna see her. And Muse. I would kill to see Muse!

Update 6:

Woah, woah, woah!! She IS all that.. haha. Who are all these people that came out as bi? All I know is Megan Fox. I knew Pink was bi for a few years.. who else?

Update 7:

Aww, Sam and LiLo - lol I believe in love and I'm still hoping they'll get back together.. hahaha.

I'd never wanna go see Madonna for some reason.. lol. Oh cool, would love to see Lady Gaga!

Update 8:

I just noticed I said good moring up above.. blah. Morning* grr

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Yay!!! *hugs you* I've got Micheal McIntyre tickets too, for October :) And I've got Coldplay tickets ^.^

    Good morning ^.^ *huggies*

    Edit: I'd love to see Kelly Clarkson too. I didn't realize how many good songs she had until the other day and there was a countdown of it on a channel somewhere. I don't like her new song though =\ Probably the first out of all of them I don't like. Oh! That's it! I knew I forgot someone. I'm going to see James Morrison in November, I think. I'm excited for that too :) Haha, Kelly's new one has just came on TV. Maybe it will grow on me =\

    And ew, no. If Katy Perry ever comes here, I'm going out of Manchester for the night.

    Lol yeah. Same with Lily, though I don't think she's *that* good of a singer. I mean, I can sing all of her songs, and I'm an awful singer lol. Pink would be good to see it concert, well I've heard she would be. Though I heard amazing stuff about Scouting For Girls, and I didn't like them at all >.< Best act I have ever seen live, hands down, is James Blunt. Bloody amazing. Oh and no, she's an actual idiot lol.

    Haha, she's not at all. I blame her for the idiot "bisexual" girls sprouting up everywhere. I really shouldn't be complaining about that.. but then the next day, they are back straight again! *sigh* Lol yeah she's to blame. My question got deleted :(

    Duffy!! Omg!! I would KILL to see her! She's ridiculously hot too >.< I only really like Supermassive Black Hole of Muse's. They are alright..

    I thought Pink was still bisexual =\ I really should pay more attention to celebs. I just gave up a few months ago lol. And I just meant everyone around were I lived. Well not *everyone*, just the slutty girls >.< "Oh, oh, I'm biiiii, I'm into girls too!! Kiss me kiss me kiss me!" *flings themselves onto guys* Meh, lol. Plus what was with Lindsay Lohan saying about her being a lesbian/bisexual...? I mean they were cute together. But doesn't something inside of you just think that she was using her for more publicity, well bad publicity?

  • dana
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have tickets to see The Manic Street Preachers! Ulster Hall on the 6th of June! General Fiasco tickets, Ulster Hall 12th September.

    Also hoping to get some Metallica one's for Dublin in August.

    And hoping to snag some Black Stone Cherry tickets for their gig in the Spring & Airbrake =D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've got Michael Mc tickets too. October in Birmingham. Bought them, and later discovered he's coming to my local theatre. D'oh.

    Also off to see an open air 80's concert in July.

    Just waiting for the Nolan Sisters to reform and I'll be first in line!!

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  • Oberon
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    I saw Madonna several months back - still waiting for that b*tch to refund my money. The worst show - EVER!!!!!

    I am waiting for Lady Gaga to come to town.

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