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chemical peels for face/tattooos?

does it TCA really work to fade tattoos?

what percent does it need to be?

need lots of info!

also does TCA helps remove scars?

need lots of info.

or what kind of chemical peels that can remove scars

that you can buy at a store?

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    In actuality, it's not advisable to use this product, for it's not FDA-approved. And it's not certain how your results will be.

    However, I've had patients who have used this product, and they said it worked effectively for them. And then I've had patients who said this product worked otherwise for them, with some saying they harshly broke out. So results vary by person.

    Again, it's your decision if you choose to use TCA.

    You can safely and slightly remove scars with over-the-counter creams and masks consisting of 20% or higher glycolic acid. Using anything over, you'll surely be left with chemical burns. :-(

    The Alpha Hydrox product line and Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Facial Peel are highly recommeded products that can be used to remove scars, and both products are inexpensive and can be purchased at, Wal-Mart, and such. Also, the Philosophy product line received rave Internet reviews, and it can be purchsed at

    Source(s): Licensed Esthetician
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    No chemical peels are good for your skin but you should start off with a microdermabrasion thats a sort of skin treatment or even a basic facial its a process and chemical peels are the last step GOOD LUCK

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