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Body language ______ ideas or thoughts by certain actions.











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    transfer 可指抽象的移轉的意思


    Body language ______ ideas or thoughts by certain actions.


    1 [T] to move someone or something from one place, vehicle, person or group to another:自一處所或車輛移動人或 物至另一處所

    He has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital.

    She transferred her gun from its shoulder holster to her handbag.

    We were transferred from one bus into another.

    Police are investigating how 20 million was illegally transferred from/out of the Trust's bank account.

    The aim is to transfer power/control/responsibility to self-governing regional councils.

    I'll be upstairs, so could you transfer my phone calls (= arrange that I can receive them) up there please?

    2 [I or T; usually + adverb or preposition] to change to a different job, team, place of work, etc., or to make someone do this:

    此字transfer用於換工作 換隊萬工作地點 或使某人作此事 通常接副詞或介係詞

    After a year he transferred to University College, Dublin.

    Some very high-profile British players have transferred to clubs abroad.

    He threatened to give up football if his club didn't transfer him (= sell him to another team).

    3 [T] to make something the legal property of another person:讓渡

    She transferred the house to her daughter before she died.

    transit通過 經過 通行 搬運 運送

    transport 輸送 運輸

    transmits、傳送 傳達 傳播

    1 [I or T] to broadcast something, or to send out or carry signals using radio, television, etc:


    Radio Seven transmits on 201 medium wave (= uses those particular radio waves to broadcast on).

    The information is transmitted electronically to the central computer.

    2 [T] to pass something from one person or place to another:


    a sexually transmitted disease

    Cholera is transmitted through contaminated water.

    Some diseases are transmitted from one generation to the next.

    [R] Somehow your panic and fear transmits itself to the horse that you're riding.

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    transmit是指傳播某事務或用收音機電視等等發出或攜帶訊號 本身需發出訊號

    transfer則是將身體的擺動產生有如語言一般的作用 再由接收者將它解讀


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    I owe him more than I can convey in words

    Words fail to convey my feelings.

    以上二例說明CONVEY的傳遞是直接由傳遞的媒體去解讀 重點在"表達"

    但TRANSFER傳遞的是另一種東西 再經接收者看了這個東西去解讀

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    convey (COMMUNICATE)

    to express a thought, feeling or idea so that it is understood by other people:

    Source(s): Cambridge online dictionary及翻譯經驗, 遠東漢英及CAMBRIDGE英英字典
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