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graft inquiry的意思

graft inquiry是什麼意思


whose suicide last week has turned him from failed leader to lightning rod for criticism of his successor.

Roh left office 15 months ago, widely seen as an ineffective leader,with the landslide win of the conservative Lee interpreted as arejection of a decade of liberal policies.

His troubles have been compounded by Monday's nuclear test by anincreasingly belligerent North Korea, which has all but severed tieswith Lee, who has reversed Roh's accommodating dealings with thecommunist neighbor and withheld aid until it rows back on efforts tobuild an atomic arsenal.

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    graft 貪腐; 利用權勢獲取不義之財或好處 inquiry調查=investigation

    lightning rod避雷針, 比喻: 出狀況時, 被批評或怪罪者, 代罪羔羊, 背黑鍋的

    (南韓前總統)盧(武鉉)上週自殺身亡, 使他從失敗領導人(的形象), 轉變成批判繼位者(李明博)的聚焦點

    盧於十五個月前卸任, 普遍認為是無能的領導者, 而保守派的李明博壓倒性的大選勝利, 被詮釋為人民拒絕十年以來的自由派政策

    態度日趨不善的北韓於週一的核子測試, 加劇了李(明博)的麻煩. 北韓已經切斷與李政府的聯繫, 因為李推翻了盧對共產鄰國的通融作法, 並暫停援助, 要求北韓撤銷興建核子武力的計畫

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