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是 grammatical error 這樣用才正確?

還是 grammer error 這樣用才正確?

有請各位解惑, 先謝囉.





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  • Elisa
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    1 decade ago
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    Hi, 一木仙

    I see that you read my comments about this.

    Grammatical error vs. grammar error.

    Which usage is accurate? Actually both are right.

    “Grammar error” is a compound noun. See below for some examples of compound nouns.

    1. printer cartridge = the cartridge for the printer

    2. grammar error = the error in grammar

    3. waste-paper basket = the basket for waste-paper

    4. Chinese immersion class = the class of Chinese immersion

    5. orange juice = the juice from orange

    6. usage error = the error of usage

    As for “grammatical error”, “grammatical” is an adjective used to modify the noun “error”.

    Many people argue the accuracy of the usage of “grammar error”. Below are some examples and links I obtained to support my point that "grammar error" is correct usage. A reputable English professor, an English major, wrote several articles for Dartmouth English writing program (the program she teaches at Dartmouth University). You will find the words “grammar errors” used in her several articles.

    This is it:

    1. When reading your papers for grammar errors, you'll want to make note of a few things.


    2. If professors can teach students to control these common errors, they will alleviate most of the grammar errors that they find so distracting. http://www.dartmouth.edu/~writing/materials/facult...

    Just my personal view, I would suspect that professor’s credibility be damaged and her academic career be ended in the English writing program of the English Department of Dartmouth University if her English writing is full of grammar errors. :)

    2009-05-30 00:21:37 補充:

    If you are looking for more information about compound words. Here it is.


    Source(s): Myself. Went abroad at age 11. 32 years of experience speaking and writing English. A project manager in the US since 1992
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    Compound nouns can be formed by

    Noun + Noun : toothpaste

    Adjective + Noun : monthly ticket

    Verb + Noun : swimming pool

    Preposition + Noun : underground

    Noun + Verb : haircut

    Noun + Preposition : hanger on

    Adjective + Verb : dry-cleaning

    Preposition + Verb : output

    2009-05-29 23:06:47 補充:

    from here

    English Grammar - Compound Nouns - Learn English


  • 槑仙
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    1 decade ago


    複合名詞--> N+N = OK

    grammar error 還是 grammar mistake ? (太久沒考試=忘了)

    看來看去=都OK (要看慣性用法/或是專有名詞否?)

  • GGPT
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    1 decade ago


    所以要用形容詞 grammatical

    grammatical 形容詞

    1. 文法的: [only before noun] concerning grammar.

    2. 合乎文法的,文法正確的: correct according to the rules of grammar.


    [1] grammar,最後兩個字母是ar不是er

    [2] grammatical 只可以放在名詞前面修飾名詞,不可拿來修飾形容詞.


    grammatically, 副詞. 意思是 文法上地.

    ex.: Grammartically Correct,這裡correct是動詞,當矯正. 所以要用副詞 grammartically.... 所以,這裡是指文法上地矯正.

    Source(s): 我+字典~~
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  • 倫宰
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    1 decade ago

    Grammar mistake

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