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1.bleach your hair

2.cut your hair

3.do your hair

4.go your nails

5.dye your hair

6.get a haircut

7.get a makeover

8.get a manicure

9.get a pedicure

10.get a perm

11.get a tan

12.get highlights

13.grow a beard

14.paint your nails

15.perm your hair

16.pierce your ears

17.put on makeup

18.shave your beard

19.shave your mustache

20.trim your beard

21.trim your hair

22.trim your mustache

23.straighten your hair

24.wax your legs

25.job failure


27.street crime

28.making eye contant

29.slapping on the back

30.trpping your hat


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    1.bleach your hair 漂白你的頭髮

    2.cut your hair 剪你的頭髮

    3.do your hair 幫你的頭髮做造型,把頭髮弄好看

    4.do your nails 幫你擦指甲油,把指甲弄好看

    5.dye your hair染你的髮

    6.get a haircut 給別人剪頭髮

    7.get a makeover 給別人西裝打扮,改造

    8.get a manicure 給別人修手指甲

    9.get a pedicure 給別人修腳趾甲(或做足部治療)

    10.get a perm 燙頭髮 (permanent 的縮寫)

    11.get a tan 曬黑

    12.get highlights 挑染

    13.grow a beard 長鬍子

    14.paint your nails 幫你的指甲擦指甲油

    15.perm your hair 燙你的頭髮

    16.pierce your ears 幫你的耳朵穿耳洞

    17.put on makeup 化妝

    18.shave your beard 刮你的鬍子

    19.shave your mustache 刮你的八字鬍

    20.trim your beard 幫你的鬍子修短

    21.trim your hair 幫你的頭法修短

    22.trim your mustache 幫你的八字鬍修短

    23.straighten your hair 把你的頭髮弄直

    24.wax your legs 除你的腳毛(用蠟)

    25.job failure 工作失敗

    26.relationships (愛情或任何)關係

    27.street crime 街頭犯罪

    28.making eye contact 做眼神交會

    29.slapping on the back 拍背

    30.trpping your hat (trpp 是什麼?) 是 tapping嗎? 是的話就是輕拍你的帽子

    31.winking 眨眼

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