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CM help ladies help me please!?

so ive been predicting ovulation through mu CM... on the 20th and 21st i seen watery CM so i baby danced both nights... but my CM never turned EWCM! since this is my first month TTC im just going to figure that my CM doesnt get like EW's.... now my CM is very thick... is that a sign of being prego???.... im in my TWW period and im going CRAZY!!! hahaha!!! thanks ladies!

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    You're only doing CM this month, right? What CD was the 20th and 21st? I don't know if you're familiar with when you are ovulating or getting into a swing of things, but some ladies ovulate earlier while others ovulate later on in their cycles. I personally seem to ovulate around CD 19.

    You were best doing it when your CM was watery. Was it stretchy too? Sometimes too watery or even too thick can mean the cervical mucus is hostile. Definitely chart your CM over your cycle, it will help you become familiar with your body. If you can you can try OPK's and BBT charting. BBT charting will not show you when you ovulate, but it will show you when you did ovulate. OPK's will offer a 1-2 window where you should be fertile. OPK, BBT charting and watching CM will give you a great idea when you're ovulating and when is the best period to work with.

    If you're finding out your CM doesn't seem "friendly" enough you can try products like preseed, it's supposed to mimic fertile CM and help you conceive. Unlike other lubricants it doesn't slow the sperm or stop it all together. Best of luck!

    BTW I like your name ;)

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    i think you were right in doing BD when it was watery because when it is thick it is not fertile. watery is as fertile as some people's get. here is an ovulation calculator if you want additional info:

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    Okay, be forwarned, this can be a bit gross.... however if you happen to stretch EWCM among your arms - it'll keep stretchy. Semen will stretch a little bit after which begin to collapse and switch white and creamy like.

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