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only for people who have taught preschool or went to a preschool class for a child development class?

for anyone who has taken child development II u probably went to a preschool for part of the class. if u have what did you learn from going

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    You learn the physical differences of a child who is developing at the average/"normal" rate of physical development, compared to a child who isn't; whether that's because of an additional need or not. It's the same for all aspects of a child's development, emotional, social, etc.

    You learn the theory of it & then see it in practice.

    Source(s): EYP. Trainee primary teacher.
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    Hopefully, you will get a sense of what it takes to operate a Preschool class successfully. When you are first learning different theories in college, many times these ideals are translated slightly differently when put into practice in the classrrom setting, meaning ideals sometimes have to be modified to become more practical in order to work in the classroom. You will see activities being carried out in different learning centers in the classroom. You should ask to see the daily routine or schedule, so you have a better sense of how the routine of the day flows. You will see how the grouptimes go, and gain a better understanding of which activities and materials are appropriate for young children. You could visit at least a few schools to compare and contrast different schools that have different educational philosophies, such as High Scope, Montessori, etc.

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    I learned how children interact with each other and adults. I also learned the different sages that each child is at within themselves. I learned the steps the teachers take to teach the children what is age appropriate what they catch on to and what they cannot yet grasp.

    What I learned most is that the children taught me more than I could have imagined ever learning from them.

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    i think of all in all you look genuine approximately this. it style of feels unusual that they say he's introverted and quiet, yet then he's bossy and curiously no longer that way in yet another, youthful college room. enable's assume it particularly is the case. Then they should placed him with the youngsters his age returned. One, he won't be in a position of boss them around as definitely, and a couple of, he's curiously merely shy. i think of you will be able to desire to be ineffective on appropriate to the numbers and staffing. at the same time as i think of you have a great thought approximately exposing you son to different youngsters extra in lots of situations, are there different tactics you will be able to desire to try this? It sounds like he maintains to be domicile with you some of the time. could desire to you're taking him to a close-by park oftentimes to play with different youngsters? the place i'm from, we are able to try this definitely and for unfastened. there are various "regulars" there your son could desire to bond with. it may additionally be outdoors, warding off the ailments of daycare. He could additionally take instructions, like gymnastics or something. My 4 twelve months previous does that. i'm a martial artist myself, yet could particularly see my son do gymnastics first, and get into the martial arts a sprint later. (in addition they do no longer in lots of situations take 3 twelve months olds in karate, yet will take a 2 twelve months previous in gymnastics, so your son could be wonderful at his age.) you will be able to desire to purpose yet another daycare, and notice if there is a few fulfillment there. It for sure isn't working at this place.

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