kenny chesney .. marina del ray?

i've been told that kenny sings a cover of marina del ray .. can someone tell me what album its on .. and how i can get it?


i know george strait sings marina del ray.. but i have heard a cover by kenny chesney... can anyone tell me where i can get this album?

Update 2:

ok.. i get that GEORGE STRAIT SINGS MARINA DEL RAY ... kenny chesney has made a copy of it... i want to know what album it is on and where i can get it.

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    kenny queerney's version totally made George's look like a piece of crap trust me you do not want it or anything else by that fake non-country singer he's just like Taylor swift posers acting like their country when it's so clear to see Kenny is island pop and Taylor is just strait up pop the need to be dropped from their labels and sign on to a pop label because true country fans do not want them here

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  • It was definitely George Straight {and made the list of the saddest songs ever}. According to a quick googling that song was released 12th September 1995 in the set "Straight Out of the Box", one of the many in that set. It's on disc 1 section 10 out of a 4 disc {x 18 songs per disc} collection. I didn't see where it had ever been released in any other way except maybe perhaps a single. There are mps and such out there that you can get if you just want that one song.

    Ah you added info! LOL Kenny Chesney sung it at a concert or two but by googling his name and the song title it shows on youtube and other sources, leading me to believe that it wasn't released otherwise. However I just read through a blurb that said: When the Sun Goes Down originally released in 2004 with the song Marina del Rey, so for something that far back {and not sure if on cd or what} you'd have to look for that album title under Chesney's name maybe somewhere like Amazon or one of the larger clearing houses {or smaller specialty music type places}.

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    Marina Del Rey Song

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    There is a video on youtube. Its supposed to be a bunch of clips of Kenny and him singing the song in the background.

    Youtube thumbnail

    I can't seem to find it on an actual album, but you're supposed to be able to listen to it here:

    and here:

    If you Google his name, the song, and "album" you'll get a lot of results for When the Sun Goes Down, but it doesn't seem to be on the album, not even as a bonus track.

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    I'm pretty sure it's George Strait that sings it... Strait out the Box I think the Album is... I have it on CD somewhere.

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    This track was included on a Target Exclusive release of the album When The Sun Goes Down. Unfortunately, it is not found in retail anymore. Your best bet is to look for the Target Exclusive version on eBay or your local record shop.

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    dont you just hate when people dont read your question right? lol its clear you know who first sang the song!! you should try googleing it, im sure you could find it there!

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