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What song should I sing for an audition for All-Eastern Choir?

In response to mamianka's generous help (thank you!), I am a high school alto I/soprano II from New Jersey trying out for the ACDA All-Eastern Choir, to be held in February 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I understand that this year will not have an SATB choir, but rather High School Men's and Women's choirs, Children's Honors Choir, and a Jazz Honor Choir. I know that this is not a direct audition, but is conducted by way of mailing in a video.

I'm aware that this is a highly competitive audition, and I'm not expecting to be accepted. I would, however, like to audition for the experience and to see how I compare among others on the east coast. I'm only a little lost on choosing a song for the solo section.

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    NOW I see what you want - ACDA is an entirely different system than MENC. I was never involved in ACDA, but am heavily involved for many years in NYSSMA/MENC. So - all I can do is wish you luck, and point you towards choosing as fine private teacher. The "can you hear me now?" idea is So perfect in describing your writing in here - we CANNOT hear you, we do no know you or your voice, and you need advice THIS important from someone who DOES! I am a flute judge, and this is like when a student writes in and wants to know, for example, if they are doing vibrato correctly - no video, just a question! Find someone who can works with YOU - rather than asking here. This is NOT the place to correctly help you with your question - sorry!

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    Like most auditions, you may have to sing two songs. If this is the situation, pick to contrasting pieces.

    For example, I earned a Superior rating with these two pieces:

    1) Vittoria Mio Core (Fast, Italian) by Carissimi

    2) Mi Sueno (Slow, Spanish) by Kilenyi

    I highly recommend Vittoria; it's challenging and demanding for the voice. There's tons of melismas and contrasting tones. You'll have plenty of fun with that one!

    Hope this helps! Good luck on your audition.

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