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How good or bad is the movie"Race To Witch Mountain" (2009)? Is it worth seeing on the big screen for $2?

Is the movie "Race To Witch Mountan" (2009) any good?What was the plot of this movie? Was it a good movie or bad movie? Who all stars in this movie ? Did it win any awards or anything? How well did it do with movie critics and moviegoers?Is it worth buying on DVD ? Is worth paying $2 to go see on the big screen?Is there any violence,nudity or swearing in it? Please give me your opinions on this movie, not links to where to watch online free as it's stealing and illegal.

Thank You.

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    Well, the movie is about how these two alien sibling kids come down to earth and take on form as humans. They have been sent from their planet to retreive a special rock that could save their dying planet. It is not a normal alien movie where the aliens want to destroy earth. yes, the aliens do have super powers, but its a completely different aspect of aliens :D the two siblings are helped out from a taxi driver who was an ex-criminal/007 style guy/secret agent. It stars Dwayne the Rock Johnson, and annasophia robb (the girl from Bridge to Terabithia) I think its quite an entertaining movie :) and there is a bit of violence, but it is free of nudity and violence, its completely safe to watch with your family :) and yes, stealing is illegal, im glad someone agres with me. I think its worth seeing it on DVD, but then again every one has their own opinions.

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    First off,where are you watching movies for $2!I want to know,because it's like $6-$8 where I live.Second,no offense to Disney,but I'd save my $2,and wait until it comes out on the Disney channel.

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