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Daily Duties AECF good and bad days?

i just joined the navy i ship out in under 2 months and im in the AECF and was wondering if anyone out there could tell me what a typical day is like and what a crappy day is like in the life of someone in teh AEC field...also what is it like going to school being in the navy? is there any free time or is it like in boot camp where every minute is planned out?

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    A bad day is when some piece of gear you're responsible for, like the SPS-40 Radar, is down and getting it fixed is the skipper's number 1 priority in life.

    There is no typical day. You'll do a lot of planned maintenance and when you're not doing that you'll be troubleshooting and fixing gear.

    School is 5 days a week from about 8am to 4pm. There will be study sessions after school and if you have a low average score the study will be mandatory for you. You'll stand watch in the barracks after school and on weekends.

    Just about every minute, from sun-up to taps is planned out for you. After you've been there a month you will get a couple free hours on Sunday.

    Source(s): Retired Chief Petty Officer
  • HOO- ******* YAH WE HAVE AN AE HERE! I will tell you that as a fellow AE myself that we do run the Avionics department! A school is a piece of cake if you pay attention in class and ask a lot of questions. As far as getting to your permanent command after A or C school, you will probably go TAD and work in the Gee Dunk (where they ring up snacks and cook breakfast) for a couple of months, then go to the Line Shack (they do dailies and minor repairs on the aircraft). After all of that, you will go to your shop. AE's (as far as my squadron goes) does stray voltage for the AO's when installing CAD (Cartridge Activated Devices), Blade Fold and anything electrically associated with the aircraft, like troubleshooting. As long as you know how to use a multimeter and read, you will be fine. We have IETMs that you read from off of a computer that tells you exactly what to do. Now I will say that in the beginning it is going to suck *** because you will be the shop's ***** until you get some quals and certs under your belt, but after that, you will be just fine. HOO YAH and welcome to the best of the Avionics Rate! And sorry chief, but school is from 0600 to 0300 or at the discretion of the instructor. And AEs don't use SPS-40 Radar, just blade fold test sets, tool, pouch, multimeters and our tool kits, which are like 40 lbs..... Try running to a bird with that and having the skipper on the 1MC yelling saying you're moving too slow.

    Source(s): AEAN Martin, USN.
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