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how many wings come in each order?

Ive never been to quaker steak and lube before, and im going to try it for the first time tomorow. I went on their website and found a menu, and found out that there was a single order, supersize single, compact bucket, full bucket, and a sprintster. Does anyone know how many wings come in each of these orders?


also how much does it cost for all you can eat on tuesdays?

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    I worked there for three years so lets see if I remember.

    Sprinster 6

    Single 10

    Supersize 15

    Compact bucket 19-21

    Full bucket 27-30

    Mega bucket 38-41

    The buckets are based on weight, that's why they have a range. Last I saw the all-you-can-eat was $11.99, it went up and may have again but probably not by much.

  • 6 years ago

    1 pound of boneless wings how many quaker steak and lube

  • 1 decade ago

    like 25 i think...mayb knot

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