Tokio Hotel Fans, i have a question...?

i am a green day fan. i have been a fan of theirs, since i was not even born. my parents played it for me in my womb. 17 years of green day bliss.

you on the other hand, have only known of Tokio Hotel for what? 6 or 8 months?

i knew Tokio Hotel when i was with my cousins in dusseldorf, germany. 8 years ago. they were a tiny garage band, but still a band. you ask any german, they will tell you, they feel about tokio hotel, the way we do about britney spears. "it was good in the begining until thy ****** it up"

why do you suppose this is?


nothing is wrong with the band, something is wrong with the crazed teenagers.

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    i dont blame u for thinking that way, because sometimes I also wonder if this is all just real or just people telling them to act this way even though bill always says that he hates when people tell him what to do. The crazy fans have been there for a long time, not since the beginning but a long time. Also, i dont think people should compare them with britney because they're not deppressed,doing drugs, have hit rock bottom etc. I know some people who have known them since devilish and are still obsessed. There new album is going to be really different but its not because the record company is making them, it's cause they want to change it. I think that as long as they don't change their personalities, or unique things about them such as the way they dress or act then its fine to change things. Like, they shouldn't act or dress differently just to get more popular or fit in with what everyone wants them too. its cool that you've known them so long, ive been a fan for over an year now and i love them, but i wish i knew them win they were a garage band. sometimes i wonder if they act differently in front of the camara then they do in real life but everyone does, sometimes people just dont like to admit it cuz it makes them sound like a fake fan.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Okay I might not have been a fan for very long(not my fault that I found out about them kinda late)but I'm a big fan of them.I don't think they've changed.The earlier stuff was a little bit different but hey,who says things always have to stay the same.If it stayed the same people would start to say "oh it's getting boring because they haven't tried anything new".Sure their music genre might change a little but as long as they themselves don't change I'm happy.And don't even try to compare them to Britney Spears.When was she ever good?All that I'm saying is that sure they were a little different back then but they're STILL good.They have a new CD coming out in September and they're going to be changing things up a bit because THEY want to not because the record company is making them.They have full control over what they do,they don't need the record company to tell them anything.

    Edit:And I'm not a crazy teenager.Also to address you calling the majority of their fans crazy is stereotyping.You also said that "you" implying ALL of the fans have only been fans for a few months.A lot of the fans have been fans since the very beginning,meaning 5 or 6 years.So just because I haven't been a fan that long doesn't mean anything.I'm a fan now and will be evermore.Their fans are loyal and stay by their sides through anything and everything.If they didn't have great fans or how you want to call them "crazy teenagers" they wouldn't have the awards they have today and they wouldn't be at where they are either.I love them and will support them forever,so if you wanna call me a "crazy teenager" feel free to.I'm d*mn proud of being crazy for Tokio Hotel.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's no one's fault if they have only known the band for a little time. you find a band, you get to like the music and then you become a fan. Pretty simple. I'm sure you have found a band that you like, and you have only known them for a short time?

    To me, yeah they sound a bit different from their music when they were younger, but not much at all. If it seem's like to you that they had a massive change or whatever your trying to say up there ^, well understand that some people dont like to stay the same style for their whole music career. Like Tom and Bill have different music taste, and maybe they've changed it around to get Tom's kinda styles into it.

    Please, dont try to compare them to Britney Spears wether you are or arent. Britney Spear's was an alright singer, until she went crazy. Shaving her head, and bashing cars and papparazzi. She cant change her past. But Tokio Hotel have never done anything like what Britney had, and they never will.

    And mind you if they ever did, it wouldnt never! be as bad as Britney.

    People want changes.


  • 4 years ago

    1. Who Is You Favorite Tokio Hotel Member? Bill 2. Who Would You Rather Make Out With Georg Or Gustav? Georg would prob b bettr @ makin out. Gustav would prob get a little nervous 3. Who Would You Rather Date Tom Or Gustav? Tom for excitement. Gustav 4 peaceful dates 4. Who Would You Rather Sleep With Tom Or Bill? Bill 5. Whats Your Favorite Tokio Hotel Song? Monsoon 6. Who Is Your Favorite Member Of The Tokio Hotel Family? You!

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  • 1 decade ago

    What's wrong with Tokio Hotel?

    I've been listening to them for a little over a year, and I like them.

  • alissa
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Wait...Tokio Hotel was a good band once? WOW!

  • they are amazing<3 and i have known about them for 3 years<33 thats why everyone is obsessed, because they are absolutely incredible.

  • Tyra
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    1 decade ago

    you knew tokio hotel, okkkk. lol

    *Edit- ich liebe tokio hotel <3

  • 1 decade ago

    because in the beginning it was pure and about the music.

    then they become famous and have to live up to certain peoples standards.

    and they change everything they started for so they can make money.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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