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Whats wrong with my fish?!?!?! (VIDEO)?

Ok so my fish has, what looks like, a pimple on his lip...looks like herpes of somthing. Its a red bump

I took a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBLfkVLyPZw

Youtube thumbnail

tell me what you think it is...the video isnt VERY clear but you can see

PLEASE answer =)

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    Your grouami has hole in the head disease. The bump will turn into an open sore. Go to your local pet store and get some medication. I prefer to use Melafix or Pimafix but there are plenty of other medications that work just as well but these are all natural and promote healing in fish and cure many things at one time. Treat the whole tank with the melafix and watch your fish come back to life.

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    that is a dwarf gourami, not a turquoise gourami. he seems to have DGV, or Dwarf gourami virus. to my knowlege, it is highly contagious and incurable,

    Source(s): 3 years of fishkeeping experience
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