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BGT: Does anyone else feel sorry for Susan Boyle?

I mean she is 47, not the prettiest woman ever, she has learning difficulties, her parents have just died, she lives on her own with her cat and shes never been kissed.

i really feel sorry for her. And i think what the press are doing winding her up, is just awful.

im voting for her, she deserves this.

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    yeah i do , she didn't expect to be world famous just on one audition , people should give her a break and let her enjoy it ,I'm sick of people saying she's ugly and stupid she's not she's just different and that scares people , oh and the press should lay off too

    can you answer mine a bit late i know it wasn't shown on page;_ylt=Aj...

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    I don't feel sorry for her. Because I think she's really happy, she's finally living her dream, and I believe that overall she's having the time of her life.

    However, don't you juste hate paparazzis? They killed Princess Diana after all.

    I think even overnight celebrities deserve some amount of privacy.

    Also, people should stop believing everything they hear; just being printed in a tabloid or distorted on the News doesn't make it true.

    Here is something that was posted (earlier today) on the Britain's Got Talent website:

    [Susan Boyle has tonight denied she will leave Britain's Got Talent.

    The Scottish singer will remain in the show, continue with rehearsals, and perform on Saturday's big Grand Final, a show spokesperson said tonight.

    Newspaper reports of an emotional outburst from Susan, as well as supposed threats to leave, "have been taken out of context, and are not serious or true".

    The spokesperson said, "Susan Boyle is still very much part of the Britain's Got Talent. She is looking forward to the Grand Final and she is rehearsing hard to prepare for the biggest night of her life".

    "She, like all of our contestants, is being closely looked after by programme makers. Susan's personal welfare is very important to us, and we will continue to do everything we can to make sure she remains happy and well".

    After causing an unprecendented global sensation, Susan Boyle has swapped a quiet village life for the centre of a media frenzy, with the whole world looking on.

    But the Bathgate lady, dubbed 'the most famous woman in the world', is dealing with the transition well. She has confirmed, "I want nothing more than to stay and sing in the Britain's Got Talent final".

    "I've spent weeks rehearsing - it's all I've been thinking about. I'm not going to throw away my big chance now".]

    Good luck to Susan and all the other contestants in the final.

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    i think of she's been overhyped, and a 40 8 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous spinster from a tiny village in Scotland would not understand the thank you to handle the popularity. She's had huge help from some huge names, and idiots like Simon, Piers, and the ineffective Amanda development her as much as be the subsequent important sensation would not help.. The media leaping on the bandwagon will in basic terms be a rigidity she will't handle. Simon and Piers are additionally, as she's probable in basic terms gaining information of, very fickle. they provide the impact of being to have shifted their attentions to youthful singers, so i'm constructive slightly jealousy must be jumbled in there judging via the jealous rage she apparently went into while Piers praised Shaheems making a music voice.. she would be able to win, as i'm rather constructive it's going to be rigged so she does which makes it unfair to the different contestants in a manner. are you able to think of the fuss if she would not? individually, i presumed her voice grow to be especially good, if no longer unique, yet on the grounds that then greater desirable skills have made it into the acceptable which make her easy into insignificance fairly frankly. i could like selection to win, faultless, or between the greater youthful singers.

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    Yes I totally feel sorry for her. It must be a shock to her system to go from someone who didnt receive a lot of attention to a person being followed around like a royal.

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    Someone with her skills shouldn't be pitied. She has overcome a lot in her life, so I'm happy for her.

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    I'm in two minds about this. In some ways, I do, yes, but in others..

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    I feel sorry for very few people in this world and she is not one of them. First she is overweight, that she can control and it would do wonders for her image. Sorry, but I don't feel sorry.

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