What to do in Seattle?

Were travelling to the Pacific Northwest on Tuesday and the only reason were going there is to continue our conquest of being in all 50 states. We''ll be in Spokane part of the week and Seattle on the weekend. What is there to do in either of these places?(Something Family oriented preferably)We will also be in northern Idaho, far western Montana and possibly Oregon. Ideas are appriciated.

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    Not a ton of stuff to do in Spokane, and I have never lived there, and havent visited much so I dont have any great ideas there, except maybe go check out Gonzaga campus, or the city center.

    Seattle... so many choices/options.

    I think one of the necessary things to do in Seattle is visit the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. These are two of the icons of the city. While you're near space needle, if you are a music lover, then EMP is a must! It has everything music related. If the Mariners are in town, definitely check out a game at Safeco Field, it is absolutely beautiful, especially on a sunny day. I would also check out one of the state parks/beaches just north of downtown seattle. The scenery is gorgeous and there are a lot of nice areas. For picture taking, check out Gas Works park on the north end of lake union, has a great view of downtown and the space needle. Also, check out the University of Washington campus... Cathedral Gothic buildings mixed with some modern architecture, a gorgeous site. The Woodland Park Zoo is great, and a walk around Greenlake is amazing on a nice day if you like to people watch.

    Get a cup of coffee at the first starbucks, or eat a burger at the first Red Robin...

    Seattle is a great place and offers a lot of things to do/see for people of all ages

    Source(s): Lived in PNW my whole life (22+ years) UW student living in Seattle the past 4 years
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    Shoreline to Seattle or Bellevue to Seattle - both about 12 miles Note, though that Bellevue to Seattle means traveling over the 520 or I-90 bridge which can be VERY slow - while Shoreline to Seattle is traveling South on I-5. So if your question is whether to live in Shoreline or Bellevue if you're working in Seattle I'd go with Shoreline. It's also a bit more affordable than Bellevue.

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    You HAVE to visit Pike Place Market. It's a must, no questions about it. Go to the Fish Market ( the one next to Rachel the Pig ) and watch the guys throw fish in the air....I know it sounds weird but it's a very cool thing to watch.

    The first Starbucks is indeed located there, but just as a warning it's alwaaaays packed with tourists so expect a wait if you go.

    The Space Needle is fun and all, but kind of pricey just to go up to get a view of the city. Besides, you'll see plenty of it just by driving around the city.

    "Ride the Duck" is another fun thing here. It's a land and water tour of Seattle that starts at Seattle Center ( where the Space Needle is ) and costs $30 I believe.

    Downtown has some nice shopping and restaraunts as well.

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    Science Center! I loved going there as a kid and my parents had a great time too.

    Pike place market is also amazing. There is so much to do!

    The theme park(which is quite small) by the science center and space needle is cute. The elevator ride up the space needle is amazingly beautiful.

    And as for Montana, You MUST see the Lewis and Clark Caverns, it was AMAZING. The caves were fascinating and the walk up was stunning.

    Gold digging and ghost towns were cute as well!

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