Do I have any hope transferring into UNC Chapel Hill?


I live in FL so I understand its a very low acceptance for out of staters.

High School -

GPA: Not too good...around a 2.5

SATs: 1250

Community College -

(I plan on taking the following classes)

US History

English I

English II

Intro to Oral Comm.



French I

French II

and also intend on being very active in school clubs

Does anyone else have any tips on trying to get in? It would be a great help!

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    I assume you are a rising freshman at a community college. In general, UNC is a very hard school to transfer to, especially for out-of-state students.

    My background: I transferred from California to UNC last year. My high school GPA was around 3.55 and my SAT scores were ~1700. My GPA was not higher than that due to my first two years of high school (I believe my GPA was 2.8); but my final two years increased dramatically. In college I earned a 3.97 GPA. In terms of non-academic activity, I was president of a club in my senior year in high school, officer in another, and member in another. My courses in CA were: Calculus, 2 Biology courses (Intro and then Biodiversity), Chemistry I and II, English I, Music (Piano and Congas), etc.

    Your college GPA is a very important factor as well. I suppose you still have a chance if you really do well in Community College. In addition, gain leadership roles in clubs (easiest way is to start a legitimate one with enough members so you can be the president).

    I am sure you understand that UNC is difficult to get into. With all of that said, the courses at UNC are challenging (it makes sense why UNC is a Public Ivy League school). Almost no class at UNC is a class that you can relax in. That includes intro political science, to intro statistics, to a foreign language class. Also, the students here are very competitive with each other (at least us biology majors). All I can say is to try to prepare yourself for UNC's academic challenges. If you earn a high GPA in community college, it does not necessarily mean you will do well at UNC. They call this the transfer "culture shock" that usually lasts for 1 semester to 1 year.

    Keep your hopes up and shoot for the best. Good Luck!

    Source(s): First hand UNC transfer student.
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