What is the difference between BC. in civil engineering & civil and environmental engineering?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    environmental engineering is a fairly new engineering sub discipline

    It usually falls up civil engineering

    But since the sudden emergence of environmental topics in the last ten years ....school are starting to show environmental engineering as a major discipline

    If you really want to be a environmental engineer and only a environmental engineer....then you should go to a school the focuses heavily on environmental topics.

    In my opinion...I think going to a civil engineering program is more beneficial...I say this cause it gives you more options on to what type of engineer you want to be......civil engineer program gives you a lot more options......you can be a environmental engineer....with a degree in civil engineering

    An environmental engineering program really only gears students to be environmental engineers

    Source(s): civil engineering student ....I want to be a environmental engineer some day....but if i change my mind i have many other engineering options
  • 1 decade ago

    Not much. A lot of schools are adding words to their major names to add spice and make the students seem different. Environmental engineering is just a few classes on top of the regular engineering coursework you complete. Just choose the better school.

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