Help!! I need to give a friend of mine a really hardcore dare and i have no idea what to dare him to do!! Help me decide on a really good dare for him! ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME! ESPECIALLY LONG LISTS! OR LINKS TO WEBSITES THAT HAVE LISTS LIKE THIS!!

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    This is the dare list from strip uno


    0) Spread a generous amount of peanut butter and jam on a piece of bread and place it on top of your head with the jam side down if your *** is naked you must place it on a chair jam side up and sit on it instead.

    1) Lay on your back and do the bicycle for 1 minute.

    2) Lick the toilet seat and retreive an item from under the water in the bowl with your mouth, you may flush the toilet for fresh water but may not scrub the bowl.

    3) Piss in a cup, dip you fingers in it, dab a little behind each ear and rub a little on your neck, if you are not naked you may piss in private if you are naked you must piss in front of the group.

    4) Stand in front of a large window with the shades open and do 15 Jumping Jacks, turn around and do 15 more .

    5) While sucking your thumb and doing your best impression of a young child, pick a booger from you nose and eat it, then pick another and wipe it in your hair, which hair is your choice.

    6) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and do 10 toe touches, turn 180 degrees and do 10 more, then sit down with your legs stretched out and twice shoulder width apart and do 20 hand to foot stretches right then left then right then left.....

    7) Dip the toilet cleaning brush into the toilet water, then brush your hair with it for 25 strokes dipping it for each stroke, you MAY NOT wash it first.

    8) Do 15 push ups, roll over and do 15 situps.

    9) Step outside the front door of the house, go as fast as you can

    around the outside perimeter of the house while balancing a book on your head. If you drop it you must stop pick it up, place it back on you head and continue, you may only use your hands to place the book on your head and not to hold the book at all. You will end your dare when you re-enter the same door you started at.

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