Okay, so I had my first experience with a shadow person?

It wasn't like what I thought, I guess you have to experience it to really understand what people are talking about.

So just to share, I was in my room (I live in one room) and I had all the windows open and the door open. I was watching the news and I had the light off. I face the street so the streetlights light up my room in a sort of orange glow. Anyways, I was done watching the news and I went and turned off the tv and shut and locked the door. The very moment that I turned from the door, I saw a very dark figure rush past me, go behind me and out the door.

When I saw it from the corner of my eye, it looked like a person completely in black...like someone's shadow come to life. Then when it went behind me I felt it brush my whole back...(most solidly at my shoulders) and for a very quick moment all I saw was dark and then I heard a stumble outside my door. It sounded just like someone tripped out of the threshold of my room.

I wasn't scared at all but I was very perplexed. I could still feel where it brushed by me. Those who are empaths will understand the next bit. I felt fear on my shoulders. Like someone who is really scared...but I wasn't scared. It just felt like since it touched me, it left that "scared energy" on my shoulders and upper back.

The whole experience was almost the same as if a friend of mine brushed by me to leave, except that when it was right behind me, my peripheral vision went dark on both sides.

In my life experience, I have never encountered an entity like this. It didn't feel like a spirit...it felt like a living thing. It didn't feel like a negative entity or anything like that. And it wasn't projecting fear at me to scare me (like a negative entity would) it was very scared.

The other impression I got is that it was trying to get to the door before I shut it. That is why it rushed.

So anyways, I had a thought that maybe these shadow people are actually people who are astral projecting and maybe our souls are cloaked when we travel.

For the skeptics:

With all due respect, please do not tell me I was hallucinating or that I was half sleep. I was wide awake and sober and I am 32 years old. I know myself well enough to know that what happened, happened. Thank you! :)


Wow, were to start?

Protection: I smudged my room after it happened and burned some Frankincense and Myrrh. I didn't put my shields up because I didn't feel threatened. I have learned that things aren't always what they seem so I don't immediately go on the defense when something strange happens. I don't need a priest and it was definitely not a demon but thank you for the concern. :)

Update 2:

Dang13, my Uncle actually died the same day that it happened and I had visited him over the weekend at a Hospice care facility. I did say a prayer over him and ask the Angels to help him pass away peacefully. I am not sure it was him...I don't think it was but I suppose it could have been.

Update 3:

Jess G, I have not had that happen to me. I communicate with spirits but the messages normally come through as thoughts or images, not actual sound that I hear through my ears.

If I had some hedgehog looking shadow go under my bed and brush my feet, I would probably lose my mind and be really, really scared! That is a totally different story than what happened to me....maybe because it was in human form, it didn't bother me so much.

Update 4:

Wushuboy, thank you for your open minded response. I love Odd Thomas and I know exactly what you are talking about.

I really like your theory on the fear having something to do with a primitive survival instinct. As you said, the possibilities are endless but that is a really good theory.

Update 5:

Carnet, I would have tried to talk to it if I could and ask it how I could help it. I don't know if I could, it would depend on what it needed. If it needed help crossing over, I could do that. That is probably the only thing I could help with though.

Update 6:

TR...I expected a skeptical answer from you but I thought you would have a better one than that...no offense. But you didn't mention your opinion on why I felt it brush past me or why I heard it stumble. I don't go around hoping to see things. My life experience has proven to me what's real and what's not. This isn't about belief, this is about experience.

And just as an example, I have seen a coat stand out of the corner of my eye and it looked like a person to me but when I turned around, it was still there and it was still a coat stand. That coat stand didn't disappear or walk behind me and out of a closed doorway. As I said, I am 32 years old, I have seen things out of the corner of my eye probably a thousand times in my life and I haven't jumped to the conclusion of it being a ghost.

I understand why you don't understand. Had it happened to you, I think that you would have to dig a bit deeper and come up with a better explanation.

Update 7:

Oh yeah, BTW, I think it was scared to be locked in my room...that was just the impression that I got but I don't know why, since it could go through the door...then again, I seal my door with protection when I smudge...so maybe it felt trapped and had to push hard to get out.

Update 8:

Okay, last one. :) Maggie, I actually suspected that it might be someone from YA, just practicing their astral projection. If it was, they haven't fessed up to it.

Update 9:

TR, it wasn't a draft, it wasn't a cool breeze. I know what a breeze feels like. Like I said, it felt just like it would if a friend walked behind me and brushed up against me. It brushed against my bare skin. It wasn't my clothes because I was only wearing a tight tank top...it doesn't move in the breeze or anything like that.

I'm not trying to make up a ghost story. What happened, happened and I am not convinced by your explanations that it was something different. If I had any doubt that it was paranormal, I would have stated it as such.

If you had experienced it, as I said, you would have to delve deeper for a better explanation. I saw it, felt it and heard it. That is one too many senses for me to write it off as something else.

But anyways, I didn't share this to convince skeptics of anything, so I don't mind that you don't believe me. I do thank you for your time though.

Update 10:

Thanks Nice Guy, I actually just got vision insurance and that is on the "to do" list. :)

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    Hi Mel,

    Good point on the astral travel theory, sometimes when we see spirits, don't mean that they are dead, they could be live spirits, people's spirits astral traveling. I know there were times in the beginning when I either astral traveled or projected I thought it was a dream, but now when it happens I know it's not a dream even when I am out of my body I now know and even more aware of what's going on.

    Since it was on the move fast on the ground wanting to get out the door like you said, and that you felt it brush up against you. My perspective is that it's possible it is a spirit-ghost that doesn't know it's dead yet, and wanted out the door because it doesn't know it can go through the door, and that it would have to open it, and perhaps it has a hard time opening the door not learn to control it's energy. Being shadow like figure, is just a stage of manifestation, the theory behind it. I have seen many spirits, but only two were black, one I ascertain was a residual type, and the other one I seen through the wall in another room was either from my third eye, because I can see them before they come through the wall at times, or it was a vision, and it appear to be intelligent as it was praying and then turn many fragments of colors as it disappeared.

    Like I mention in some of my experiences before, spirits can physically touch, and one has allow me to touch, as I felt her face with my two hands because I couldn't see all her detail of her features, because she was from a higher dimension reason why she always floated above the ground. We communicated many times in many ways. The times she held my hand, was amazing, her hand was warm and normal feeling. She even rolled me over one night, I was a ware of what was going on as I felt her two hands under my back to roll me over on the couch, and she laid down and cuddle up and gave me a nice back rub. I have seen her go through the a door and another time open the door. Usually she comes from above through the windows or roof. She's a good and intelligent spirit, although her color appear to be different at times gray or white.....now it's either a stage of manifestation or what I ascertain is since I know she's from a higher dimension, perhaps too the longer they stay in our dimension the darker the color they turn....because heaven is light, and earth is eventually death.

    I hope some of this is a help to you!

    I do know how you feel, the more you experience the more you learn and the more you want to know:) There is much to learn from the other side and the paranormal stuff.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Witchy Mel,

    That's an interesting experience, thanks for sharing.

    I have had similar experiences with shadow people as well. Usually they happen so fast that I don't really have time to take it all in and do something proactive before they are gone again.

    The fact that you sensed fear from it (not from yourself) indicates to me that it probably needs some help and was not a negative entity.

    Even though its gone, you could still imagine it, and then imagine surrounding it with a soft pink light (soft pink is thought to represent unconditional love). If it comes back again, then you may get an opportunity to help it move on.

    I think you are right, that the seal around your door may have startled it into a hurry so it wouldn't be trapped. Even though it could easily pass through the actual door, I have a feeling virtually nothing could get through one of your seals. :)

    The thought that it could have been a person astral projecting is a very interesting concept. I have a friend who astral project to my place. And when he does I can see him, he look like themselves but in a ghostly form. (meaning he has all his features but appears translucent)

    I know of others who have astral projected to my place too - sometimes not with good intent. I can't always see them, but I feel like I am being watched. If it creeps me out, I will do some smudging and stuff to send them on their way. Although sometimes its just someone needing my help without even realizing they are doing it.

    If it happens again and you are concerned about it, I do know some ways to secure your space to prevent astral travellers from entering. Feel free to email me if would like details on that.

    Also, did you feel the presence when you were watching TV or was it only when you were closing the door that you felt it for the first time. It would be interesting to know how long it had been there for. :)


    EDIT: Witchy Mel and Wushuboy: I love the Odd Thomas books too. I think however, I die of fright it if I ever saw an actual bodach like how they are described in the books. :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your experience is providing me with further evidence that Shadow People are possibly more than strong thought forms. The fear you felt on your shoulders was not your own, it sounds like it came from the entity. I've wondered for a while what shadow people are and just yesterday someone told me they think they are thought forms likely produced by trauma and fed by negative emotions. Your experience definitely sounds like it could be that type of thing but your impressions leave me wondering if it's not something else more sentient. Either way be careful. And remember sometimes these entities do feel very solid and living. I don't think it's a human in astral body but it's obviously got a lot of presence.

    And the extensive time and energy trying to tell you to discount your experience and write it off is wasteful on the part of people who just can't accept the unknown. There is no way yet to varify what it was for sure. However, you're experienced in occult related subjects and phenomemna as well as science and that gives you the advantage of being open minded enough to understand there is a great deal of evidence for non physical entities (they might just be collective thought energy taking on a life of its own). Again, our atoms are mostly empty space. People seem to convince themselves that they understand the full nature of this reality, and too quickly try to write everything off as having a "mundane" origin. A real skeptic would have to take into account the possiblility there was someone there.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As you probably already know, I disagree about the source of shadow people, but not really knowing the source for certain I will try to address the experience itself.

    I know exactly what your talking about because I have experienced almost identical situations a number of time. The fear overwhelms, and I hear that from other people who have seen shadowpeople. The fear seems out of place and exaggerated.

    Personally, I think the fear is a side effect, like something triggered in the brain when we see them.

    Its pretty freaky. If they are an actual being, and not just a hallucination, I suspect they aren't human.

    In the book "Odd Thomas" by Dean Koontz, Odd calls them Bodachs and theorizes that they are travelers from the future, but you can't travel back in time in body. So all a gifted person can see is their black corrupted souls.

    I think if anything they are some form of multi-dimensional creature. Possibly being seen by us by accident.

    I guess the possibilities are virtually endless when you thing about it.

    Many people assume they are evil, but that is because of the fear, and black color. Like I said before, I think the fear is some kind of chemical side effect, and not real.

    Unless, maybe 20,000 years ago we interacted with them, and the fear is some primitive survival instinct kicking in. Like our primordial memory saying, this thing is here to destroy.......

    hmm, I tried to answer your question, but then I reread, and there isn't really a question, so I guess I am just rambling. Anyway, interesting experience, thank you for sharing.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Hello! I have had a similar experience, multiple times actually. And i don't just see shadow "people" i see other figures too. Though never been able to figure out what they were besides the humans i've seen.

    I've seen a very large figure out my front door in peripheral vision (brushed past my side)

    I've seen something that looked like it had back spikes of a hedgehog going beneath my bed. (brushed my feet)

    I've seen many things like this, and i know for a fact that i wasn't hallucinating or anything like that. I felt something, a presence, and I could feel where these things have "touched" me. None seem mad, ever, but some do have specific feelings.

    I am glad to have found someone else who has felt these things.

    Now IIII have a question for you. Do you ever hear a voice just say one single solitary word completely out of the blue but it sounds like it's right next to you so you turn around but nothing but a slight presence is there?

    Just wondering =)

    Source(s): My experience
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  • Lilith
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    1 decade ago

    I use to lump entities into 3 categories,Angels, "Ghost"(once living as flesh and blood), and Demons(evil) having encountered all 3 I felt comfortable with my assertions , but after having several encounters with the 3 I just mentioned there seems to me there are 2 more categories that need filling in, 1 of them being these "shadow" people who seem a bit mischievous but maybe not all that evil but their whole being seems not to fit the three categories I mentioned, and the counter part to the shadow people that I have not heard mentioned by anyone else ever, and probably because they can easily be mistaken for either a "ghost" or an angel, entities whose countenance seems light (opaque)but not bright,

    anyway although I am not comfortable with saying these things because I am the only person I know who believes there is much more then what we tend to believe there is, but because of your experience I felt the need to say something

    I feel the need to say more but feel Y!A is not the place,

    I was glad to see that there is someone else who can feel the difference in the countenance, I'll be reading these pages to see if you ever run across the other entity I mentioned, or anyone for that matter.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Ouch that really happened to you...wow..and ure not scared...i wd be really scared..am honest..I have had pretty wierd stuff happen to me as well..but hmmm this is too realistic to be fantasy...my thought is that maybe since you are more open to the other world...you have more experiences of this sort..I have abs no doubt that it did happen btw...

    You know I am from India..where each family is more open to the 'other side' beliefs'..I had an uncle who was a ghost whisperer and would have clear visions

    But I'm still to have someone from our country relate an experience like this...as I can see it does seem prevalant in the west...interesting though..sorry I have not really ans ur q

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  • Big C
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    1 decade ago

    Astral projecting peeping tom is just creepy. I think it could be a possibility though. I have seen other shadow people that I am pretty sure are not astral projectors. I would say possibly some of the ones I have seen don't actually know that they have died. I think there are many reasons for shadow people. It may be that a shadow is the simplest form to manifest. Happy to see someone else knows about feeling feelings that are not your own. It is hard to explain unless you have actually felt it. I was just talking about that last night actually.

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

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  • WOW! How very interesting. I am surprised that this is your first experience with such a thing. Where you live has had so many things like earth quakes and fires that it amazed me that their aren't spirits running around everywhere. I have never seen a shadow person. The ghosts that I have seen were sort of see thought people. It very well may have been an astral projection of someone who admires you from afar. I would consult your spirit guide for some clarification as well as a course of action if any is needed. Peace&Love be with you...~M~

    Source(s): Folklorist/Good Witch
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  • 1 decade ago

    Wheres the party? wheres the party?

    The voice coming from

    a participant at a meditation we were holding at Sue Myers'

    Breakthrough Institute. Sue was accustomed to things like this occurring

    and knew how to deal with it. Sue asked a few questions and

    we were able to determine that we had "drawn" the essence of

    a man who was passed out in a local tavern. His mind had separated from the body that was in an alcoholic stupor.

    None of us saw this shadow, but we did communicate with it

    through our meditator, who had no prior para experiences.

    I mention this only because strange things do happen. They are

    not necessarily frightening but can be if you are not prepared.

    Source(s): Sue Myers/ I was there and had forgotten it
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