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Followingsuitvey: Since it's TMI Thursday, is there any mysteries of the Watermelon you would like to know?

Mind you, I may not answer everything-but I will try.


You bring the video cam, Wishy.

Update 2:

I take flavored creamer or evaporated milk, and a little splenda. I would be more than happy to have you over for coffee.

Update 3:

I made stewed tomatoey chicken in the crockpot. It's GOOOOD.

Update 4:

I don't. I would be scared that either y'all would like me a little TOO much, or would block me for being so gelatenous.

Update 5:

If we could get a sitter for our kids, we would get blitzed out of our minds.

Update 6:

Of course, and German or English beer?

Update 7:

No one under 5'5"-so just one I guess.

Update 8:

I WISH I could afford to travel outside of Rochester. I'm so broke, roaches have bigger bank accounts than I do. That WILL change, though.

Update 9:

Smorb-usually laying on my stomach or doggy style with either a lot of saliva or KY jelly.

And yes. I swallow.

Update 10:

If we were single, Billy, I would gladly become an honorary southern gal for you.

Update 11:

That's something you're gonna have to ask mama, Kristy!

Update 12:

How fast can you get here? There's plenty.

Update 13:

How nerdy am I? I have read through the entire Chronicles of Narnia countless times since 3rd grade, and I read them outloud to my daughter in less than 6 months, while I was pregnant with my son.

I love Lord of the Rings movies, Mel Brooks movies, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and I like to learn big words with some frequency.

Update 14:

The most I spent on a bra at any given time was $30, and for panties-3 for $25. I usually get the multi-packs at Walmart.

Update 15:

Billy does have amazing contacts.

I don't know who is giving thumbs down. But I anticipate this question will be gone before I choose a BA.

Update 16:

Sean and Bald guy.

No and no.

But you can dream.

Update 17:

I never had a nanny. Just mom!

Update 18:

"Watermelon" refers to what it looks like I'm smuggling in the back of my pants...Two big round seedless watermelons. Nerd is actually an inside joke, but I am kind of a nerd.

Update 19:

"The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "Prince Caspian", "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader", "The Silver Chair", "The Horse and His Boy", "The Magician's Nephew", and "The Last Battle",[the following by Frank Peretti] "This Present Darkness", "Piercing the Darkness", "Tilly", "The Oath", "The Prophet", "The Visitation"...Not sure who it's by but "In His Mind's Eye", the like 8 books by Stephen King, all of the Ramona Quimby books when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade, The Babysitters' Club series, a BUNCH of Biographys-Florence Nightengale, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Martin Luther King, Jr, Susan B. Anthony, a whole lot more...Ummm, let's see, I've also ready Charles Dickens, and I've read through the bible four or 5 times. And that's not even ALL I've read! I'm just running out of room!

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    I was given the Narnia books for a Valentines gift years ago, and like you have read them many times. Read all the books you mentioned, should I change my name to nerd nurse susie?

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    What are your feelings on left-handed, nearsighted southern men, occasionally pictured leaning to their right, while wearing a blue shirt and red tie?

    Source(s): No reason.
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    If we had a sitter for our kids right now...would you pound some drinks with me?

    <~~Needs some pounding and some drinks.

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    When are we gonna meet and well, I'll leave the and to your imagination?

    wait..your imagination is pretty strong so let's say drink heavily

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    Well i was wondering how you got the handle of Water melon...?

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    Seriously did you and Angie get seperated at birth? LOL

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    whats the most you have paid for a pair of panties (some reason i hate the word) and bra's?

    edit: question number two do you tape your sex!

  • Can I have dinner with you? I'm really too tired to cook tonight.

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    Do you agree Billy has such wonderful contacts?

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    Plenty, but I don't want to get suspended.

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