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my period is 4 days late and i took a pregnancy test this afternoon it was negative?

i took a HPT today from boots at about 5.30pm and it came out negative. i am now in day 32 of my cycle, my cycles have never been longer than 30 days and are usually 28-29 days long.

i am quite worried i could be pregnant even though i had a negative test result because i read in other places that people have had false negatives even when their period was overdue (i didnt do it in the morning!)

i have been using natural family planning for a few months now (the standard days method) but i have also used the pull-out method on the "unsafe days". im worried maybe i got pregnant during those days or maybe i ovulated late this month making my cycle longer, which is bad too because if i go into day 33 of my cycle the standard days method is completely worthless.

i dont know what to do im really confused should i take another test or wait? and if it turns out im not pregnant do i go and see the doctor about being late or just wait for it to come?

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    Wow, I feel a duty to answer this question to respond to some of the ignorant answers on here.

    First of all, yes, you absolutely could tell if you are pregnant by taking a home pregnancy test around the time that you expected your period. The egg & sperm meet within a day of ovulation and implantation takes place around 5-7 days later. When implantation happens, it triggers the body to produce hcg, which is the hormone tested by a home pregnancy test.

    Now, home pregnancy tests all have different levels of sensitivity. Some can detect a level so small that you could identify pregnancy within a couple of days of implantation, but most need the body to build up the hcg supply in the body before a hpt can detect it. That is also why most pregnancy tests advise you to use the first morning urine, because the hcg is the most concentrated at that time.

    Now to answer you question:

    You should wait another 5 days and retest. The problem with the standard days method of NFP is that it is completely calendar based and as you are finding out now for yourself, if you ovulate late for any reason, it makes the method worthwhile. I know that there are many women who successfully can use this method, but in my opinion it is risky. You are basically expecting your body to ovulate on the same day every month and personal experience tells us that that is simply not the case. Every woman goes through fluctuations in her monthly cycle due to stress, illness, travel, or just for no discernible reason whatsoever.

    At this point, it is highly likely that you ovulated late in your cycle, which is why you are testing negative on the pregnancy test. There are three scenarios at this point:

    1. You ovulated late but did not get pregnant. You are currently in the normal luteal phase of your cycle and your period will come the normal 12-16 days after ovulation.

    2. You ovulated late in your cycle and are pregnant, but it is too early to measure the pregnancy by HPT or blood pregnancy test. You will have to wait and test every 5 days or so to see when you test positive.

    3. You did not ovulate at all and your body is in a state of confusion. You may still ovulate or you may have a breakthrough bleeding episode where you spot a light or medium amount for a few days but do not have your normal period. If this is the first time this has ever happened, it is probably nothing to worry about, but if it happens with any regularity then it's something to talk to your doctor about.

    Even if you are no longer able to use the SDM for natural family planning, I would encourage you to do some research into other areas of NFP. A method that uses cervical mucus or temperatures would be far more accurate and would give you clues when you have long cycles such as this one as to what is happening with your body. For example, if you were charting your temperatures, then you might have noticed that you didn't ovulate until day 19. That would mean that your next cycle would not begin until around day 33. You would not have had these days of worry and stress because you would have already known that your period would be delayed. Other NFP methods can also adjust if you have a cycle over 32 days, any other method would not be worthless due to a blip like this one. Because you are not judging your body with an expectation that you will ovulate around the same time every month, you are better able to adjust as needed and still use NFP with a high level of effectiveness.

    I second the recommendation to read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" or look for an NFP class in your area. Standard Days method is great... until it isn't, such as a cycle like this one! Good luck!

    Source(s): NFP teacher, 8+ years.
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    it takes two weeks(14days) after the time the sperm contacts the egg in order to form a baby. on the 14th day your pregnancy hormone will begin to kick in and thats how pregnancy tests work. For some ppl that have periods like ON the day you could b pregnant. but if your period is not always accurate you should wait the month out, and see if it comes by the end of the month. If it doesn't then you should go to the doctor. in home pregnancy tests are worth ish honestly so i wouldn't trust them.

    my best advice is just go to the doctor, and next time use condoms or birth control. It seems irrelevant until you get pregnant and by then its too late. if your cycle has not come two weeks into june then defiantly see a doctor!

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    i think you should wait a few more days and if your period still doesn't start, then you should go to the doctor and let him tell you. A lot of the time those home pregnancy test are wrong. My mom has a friend who took it and it said that she wasn't pregnant when she was. Another time the same friend took a pregnancy test that said she was pregnant when she wasn't.

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    No, lots of people have irregular periods Don't worry, but if you are concerned, go see a doctor. Maybe, the pregnancy test wasn't accurate - maybe try taking another? Hope I helped :)

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    4 days is WAY too early to try and get a positive on a HPT! You have to wait AT LEAST a week after your missed period before the hormone will start to show up in your system. Sometimes even longer. That's why most women are usually 6 or more weeks along when they find out.

    Good luck.

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    it might be too soon to tell yet. wait a few more days and if it don't come then take another test in the morning. stress can make you miss your period but if you feel you are pregnant then go to your doctor for a blood test

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    The test could be wrong. You should take a different one and see. Also there are a lot of things that could interfere with your period such as stress, weight loss or gain, being ill, many things. But the best thing to do is to go to the doctor...

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    Calm down for one...stress will prolong your period. ed should have taught you that the "pull out" method does not work. Are you against using a barrier method? If can check out the book...Taking Charge of your is the fertility awareness method that you use charting for...but barrier methods when it is not safe. I used that and charted temps and stuff...did not get pregnant for 2 years...and when I wanted to get pregnant at the end of that two years...I got pregnant the first month. Check it out....and if you don't want to be more careful.

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    if its 2 weeks or longer than you can worry.

    your probably late because of stress.

    i was 8 days late once and i am never late.

    worrying about it doesnt help

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