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Should a tb skin test bleed a lot?

i got the skin test and it bled more than normal. there was more than just a few drops of blood. now almost 3 days later the area where the bubble was is filled with dried blood. its not raised and about the size of a small nail head. i've never had dried blood in it, just a slight bruise. is that okay? is that positive?

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    The TB test is positive only if your skin prick is surrounded by redness and induration (hardened skin) with a diameter of more than 10mm. I assume you have undergone the Mantoux test. The test will also be positive in case you have taken BCG vaccination for TB.

    There shouldn't be any bleeding after a Mantoux test. Have you experienced excessive bleeding after getting minor trauma like a cuts and bruises? If so please approach your doctor and get your bleeding time, clotting time and APTT checked. You could have a bleeding disorder. If it is familial you can ask your parents or other relatives if they have similar symptoms.

    No need to be worried unless there is a lot of bleeding. A little spot of blood immediately after the prick is ok.

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    Tb Test Bleeding

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    I have not heard of any side effects from reactions to the TB test other than mild local reactions (swelling, redness) especially if you have a positive test. Usually it doesn't hurt much, it is a small needle and a small amount of liquid is injected intradermally (under the skin) it makes a small bubble. This bubble goes down and the skin will turn a little red, that's normal. You must wait 48-72 hrs to have the test read, you return to where you got it. Induration and swelling is a positive result (that you have been exposed to TB), a little redness is ok as long as the skin is not raised up like a welt or pimple, it's ok. When they read your test, the nurse will run her finger over your skin to make sure it's not raised at all. If it is, they will measure it, a positive result is either >5mm or >10mm of induration depending on risk factors and the physician, hospital or clinic's protocols. However, you have to wait the full 48 hrs to read the test, my arm will get a little swelling at first too but it goes away after the first day and by the time the test is read the result is negative (no exposure to TB)

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    It all depends on the person who gave you the test,how they injected it and if possibly they hit a surface vein which is not dangerous just annoying and not the way the test should have been administered.

    Are you on any blood thinners? Sometimes even enough aspirin can cause you to bleed more than usual.


    Source(s): My own medical Experience
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