How can I find counselor if I have little money?

I have dealt with panic disorder and depression almost all my life. I am in my early 30's now and have been taking Zoloft for about 12 years and it has helped, I also take Clonazepam for my panic attacks and it is also helpful but I have noticed my depression has worsened a lot lately. I will sometimes not go out of my house for a week or two and just do nothing but watch television or use my computer. I understand how I feel and know there are things I can do to improve my mood but at the same time I am not sure if maybe trying a new medication and talking to someone would help.

Unfortunately I am a struggling artist so I have little money... especially because my health insurance which is, Anthem Blue Cross, just screws me over and charges me 440 a month. I know this question isn't about that but it bothers me so much I had to mention it because just a little off would help me out. Whats worse about that is the fact I have a co-pay and then they barely cover anything! I am afraid to go to the doctor because of the costs now and my last visit I went because my back hurt, just a routine visit where my doctor checked me out and prescribed some medications for the pain. He did no blood work or x-rays, nothing, yet it cost me 35 dollars for the co-pay and 180 my insurance didnt cover? My visit before that I was feeling fatigued about 5 months back and they did blood work.. my total bill, not including my monthly payment, was 800!!! Also after this they found I had some low blood elements and the doctor prescribed a medication and the insurance company complained saying they didn't think it was necessarily.. even though it was a doctor from the university here. Finally it was approved after a month and the cost was 250 dollars so I cant even afford it :(

Ok well sorry for adding all this extra information but I think it really affects my feelings and makes me more depressed. If you are curious though I get mainly depressed because I don't like the way I look and have never accepted the fact I am not attractive.

Well any advice or help is appreciated.. it helps just to write here.



Thank you for all the good responses.. I really appreciate it!

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    1 decade ago
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    Ok listen to me, you dont need a counselor. I take zoloft and clonazepam too, so that is a coincidence. Well I should say "took", because I got off zoloft, it made me feel like a zombie. But I still deal with depression and very severe anxiety (panic attacks, fear of diseases etc.). The only thing that has helped me is traveling. You only worry about being ugly because you live in a society that puts alot of emphasis on looks. I live in Florida and I also live in California (long story). Of course in California they care more about looks than in Florida. So just like those 2 places, there are other places aside from USA. I know you've probably never considered it, and it might seem crazy, but you should really consider other countries, maybe just for a vacation. When Im in Thailand, Im happy, its a different environment. Even when Im in California Im happier than when Im in Florida, even though I have few friends in Cali and lots of friends in Florida. Change of environment really helps. You said that your biggest problem that is causing it is your looks. I think if you had an attractive girlfriend who doesnt care about looks or cant tell that you're ugly, then you wouldnt have that problem. You are trying to hook up with girls that care about that, which is the american way. I went to Thailand and the girls are so different there. Im not trying to be racist, but the truth is, many of us white people look at asians as they all look the same. Well its the same for them. They cant tell which white guys are ugly or not lol. You walk down the street there and you have flocks of beautiful girls coming up to you. They all want an american boyfriend, and trust me, there is alot of them that look like super models. Man girls that wouldnt even talk to me in USA are grabbing my hand over there and trying to get me to go with them on dates. Its not about money, it is with the prostitutes, but not the normal girls who have normal jobs. I've talked with alot of the thai guys and its just that theres alot of girls over there that have fetishes for white guys. So I dont think theres any need for you to be depressed. Just think outside of the box, the box is USA. There are plenty of places like peru and argentina that are probably the same. But Thailand is the cheapest country on earth where you can still be safe (What I mean is, I know Iraq and North Korea are probably cheaper, but who would want to go there?). Twice as many tourists go to Thailand then those who go to Hawaii, because the beaches are beautiful and you can stay on the beach for $250 a month. Imagine how cheap it is away from the beach. So lets put it like this, all you need to do is get up the courage to go over there for 1 month, and come back with a girlfriend, and then all your problems are solved. As long as you find a normal girl there, they arent in it for a greencard. The ones on the internet are educated, so they are better than the prostitutes. Just go into some of the chatrooms online or go on hi5 or myspace, and find some thai girls. Alot of them wont talk to you because they figure your so far away and will never meet, but youll be surprised how many of them will talk to you. I mean if you dont like asians, I dont know what to say, Im sure theres cheap countries with white girls somewhere. But Thailand's alot of fun and so cheap, so an entire trip there for a month shouldnt cost you more than $1200 (plane ticket is about $900, so $300 is enough to get by with motels and food). I dont really think Im super ugly, but Ive seen some of the hottest girls over there with the ugliest white dudes ever. If you have a girlfriend, youll worry about her, and focus less on yourself so you wont worry so much about looks and depression and things. I really think a girlfriend would probably solve your problems (or a boyfriend if you're gay, theres a hell of alot of gay guys out there too, Im not gay, just assuming youre straight, I live with a gay guy so I got nothin against em). I dont have a girlfriend but I talk to alot of girls over there everyday through emails and chat and stuff. I even started an asian dating site and I have about 500 members now, about 300 of them are single girls. But even when Im in USA now, Im not as depressed, because I have something to look forward too all the time, just waiting to go back there again, hopefully for longer next time. If you setup some websites and learn ways to make money online like I do, that covers everything. Then you can go over there and not worry about taking off from a job or anything. I just go there and use their internet cafes to check up on my online businesses. It took me about 4 months to get things going, but I make enough now online (mostly from google ads on my sites and youtube videos) to where I can travel anywhere without having to ask a boss to take time off.

    Im just saying, if you're in your 30s and still having self confidence issues, you will probably never get over them unless you fix your looks, or change your environment. Hope this helped. Ignore me if this all sounds completely crazy lol. Send me a message if you need a friend to go with, Im planning on going back either later this year or early next year, I have to save up again and get prepared for it again (putting things in storage if I decide to stay over there). All this may be too extreme for you though, too much to take in. You may not even need to leave the country. Who knows, just changing towns or states may really help you if you havent changed your environment your whole life. California is definately more positive than any other state Ive been in. You just feel happier there for some reason, well I do, and so do those happy cows in that commercial.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have panic disorder too, along with personality, depression, disorder. I can't afford a counselor either. Now I'm starting to have auditory and haptic hallucinations. So I've started drinking beer before I go to sleep in order to keep the animals from running inside my mattress, zipping back and forth, and walking on me. Along with the voice inside my pillow screaming at me. I also have a horrible fear of the sky, that has about driven me mad. I know that it is my nerves, the hallucinations are brought on by my grown daughter and the problems she causes me. I can't travel because of panic attacks. I haven't taken a vacation since 79. So honestly I don't know what the answer is, I thought you might like to hear from someone with all these problems. It helps me because I know that I am not alone. Another thing, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Rose

  • Jody
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    1 decade ago

    After I took Zoloft for a number of years, I fell back into (nearly) major depression. The Doc upped the dose and then things got better. It's a great medicine for alot of people.

    I understand how costly it is, but without good health and healthy thinking life can get pretty lousy feeling. I think if you take steps in your own recovery things will get better, they always do.

    Good luck as an artist. Don't give up your dreams. You can step out of this minor aggravation.

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    1 decade ago

    I didn't read all that, but based on the actual question, you can go to a voluntary agency counsellor which is free. They take their own time to do it. Or you can call one of those helplines weekly, and talk to the same person, it's like therapy over the phone which can still help you just as much. The voluntary helplines I mean, so that it would be free.

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  • Daniel
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    1 decade ago

    Clonazepam can cause depression so I know that it would be good if you could cut that down. I dont know how you can get things cheaper. Counselors need to get paid. I just wish you the best of luck and maybe you need to get a person who is a supervisor to speak to about your insurance.

    Good Luck,

    We Care,

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    Look in the yellow pages for mental health clinics they charge on a sliding fee scale, If you can't find the number in the yellow pages call a hospital and ask them and last resort call a suicide hot line and tell them that you are looking for a mental health clinic.

    Good Luck

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