Which on-line blogs get published in web-searches?

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    1 decade ago
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    In short, the answer to your question is the blogs that have optimized themselves best for the search engines.

    It's not so much that blogs get "published" in the search engines, its more a matter of the search engine finding the site that best utilizes the keywords that people are using.

    Search engine optimization is the practice of optimizing one's site for the search engines. It is becoming increasingly popular because everyone wants their site to have high rankings in the search engines.

    If you want your own site to get high search engine rankings, the best place to start would be for you to do a search yourself using the keywords that you want your site to be associated with. When you do the search and see the results you will see where your site does or does not rank and if you aren't happy at where your site is ranking then you have to optimize your site more!

    I always tell people to look at the sites that are ranking above theirs because those are the sites that you have to out-optimize and unfortunately since having high rankings is so popular sites have found ways to get higher ratings using non-legitimate tactics. It may not be fair but the results speak for themselves! So basically your site has to out-optimize those sites if you want higher search engine rankings.

    For example I have an Adsense Consulting blog at:


    and it currently ranks on the first page of Google's search engine for the term "adsense consultant" which is exactly where I want my site to rank when someone is looking for an Adsense Consultant.

    So to answer your question again the sites that get published in the search engines are the sites that optimize themselves the best for the search engines.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Blogs are a great way to promote your business or services to a large demographic. As long as the website where the blog resides has been submitted to the search engines, it will be scrolled by the engines and likely show up in a search.

    Keep in mind that the search engines return results based on relevancy and the bigger (or more visited) websites usually return higher than the more obscure sites.

    If you are looking to promote an online business look into integrating your blog into your own site.

    --Dani Marie, San Diego, CA--

    ( http://www.danimariedesigns.com )

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