The Verification Department UK?

Has anybody ever received strange phone calls from people calling themselves 'The Verification Department UK' asking for your gas & electric supplier? They've really been a bother.

They've been calling my house the last 4 days asking for my gas & electric supplier, when I ask who they were, all I got was that they were the Verification Department Uk, what the hell is that?

Anyway, yesterday they called, I declined to give any information, well, gave them a piece of my mind.... As if that wasn't enough, they rang Again today, I hang up!

Does anyone know what this "scam" is about? If I need to report this , how do I go about it?

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  • Maggie
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    1 decade ago
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    Sign up with the Telephone Preference Service. It'll take a couple of weeks to kick in but it should stp calls like this Any company that calls you after you have signed up you can report and they get a fine.

    The scam is to get you to sign on with a particular supplier for a long time and at a high rate. They will claim to be independent and to have searched the market for you and that this supplier is the cheapest when in fact they are working exclusively for this supplier.

    The link is to a thread on a forum from others who've been bothered by them. Look for the post about the power station!!

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