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what is the full form of kdm (used to measure quality of gold) and anything bout it ?

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    From my experiance..

    Gold is placed in a liquid that offers up a quality check..//


    Source(s): Working with gold and diamonds.
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  • Hande
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    1 decade ago

    KDM impression indicates the joints are made with cadmium.

    KDM = cadmium soldering

    It reduce the carat (purity) of gold.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "mass" the amount of stuff, what we usually call weight can be measured in many ways or units.

    The common scientific world standard is gram or kilograms.

    The purity of the gold, is it mixed with other metals, must also be stated.

    I do not recognize "kdm"

    Source(s): physics
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