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American patriots: do you remember if USA has done something wrong outside the borders?

many say the world is not just black & white; we live in a world of grey shades. everyone, every government every country make mistakes.

USA is present in many countries and regions on the planet and has strong diplomacy. the question is: out of the borders, do you think somewhere USA has made a mistake? can you mention those you remember?

of course a possible option is: No; whatever USA did/does/will do is the best and this question is stupid. your thoughtful answers are much appreciated.


this is posted in politics and is about diplomacy, not the individuals. thanks.

Update 2:

Amir: yes, and they were happy for that intentional mistake; Dubya after that said I'm not gonna apologize...

Update 3:

Betelgeuse: you're such a good patriot ;) I was just reading some other posts by you, pleased to read your realistic posts.

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    Joe - the CIA instigated the coup and brought the Shah of Iran back from exile in 1953 and supported his cruel regime for decades. The popular leader Mossadeq was proposing the nationalization of Iran`s oil because the British weren`t paying the royalties as agreed by treaty. The UK made a deal with the US, the US sent in the CIA and the outcome was a cruel regime and the BritishéAmerican Oil Company.

    AS for being nasty outside of the US borders - Wow (off the top)

    1953 - Iranian coup putting the cruel, exiled Shah of Iran in power.

    1959 - Saddam had become a CIA asset in 1958 at the age of 20. In 1959 he, under CIA guidance, attempted to assassinate the Iraq military leader Major-General Abdul Karim el Qasim. He killed the driver and only wounded Qasim. (my spelling may be off)

    1963 - America via the CIA organized a bloody coup in Iraq and brought back Saddam from exile and put him in power as an American puppet - backing him for decades.

    -1980s - influenced and provoked the invasion of Iran by Saddam`s Iraq. America had hundreds of advisers on the ground supplying strategical information gleaned from US spy satellites - helped finance the invasion of Iran and supplied US weaponry. Likely supplied the gas that Saddam used to kill 3,000 Iranian soldiers on Iranian soil as well as the (disputed) gassing of the Kurds. Delivery devices were also likely US made. Iraq had no knowledge of creating poison gas nor how to deliver it. This can easily be shown by Iraq`s inability to even store the gas properly.

    - The creation of the terrorist group called the Contras. This group was conceived and trained in America to fight against the Sandinistas revolting against the despot Somoza family who had tight ties with he US.

    --Under Nixon a media coup was performed by the US CIA in Chilé. Nixon openly promoted propaganda in the Chiléan press with $10 million added to the money spend covertly by the CIA. Thus, the extreme criminal Pinochet rose to power and was supported by the US for decades.

    - CIA actively present during the reign of the disappeared in Argentina.

    -Guatemala - land reform government elected. United Fruits owned 75% of the arable land in Guatemala but would allow citizens of Guatemala no access. Paid pitiful wages that was paid in company script only having value at the high priced `company store`. This gave no economic value to the people in the surrounding towns. Completely backed by American Interests and the CIA overthrew that democracy.

    - Philippines- sugar plantations owned by American firms would allow no planting of food crops even around workers huts. They were kept on starvation diets. US continued to back the Marcos dictatorship with Ronald Reagan calling Marcos a close friend.

    -US backing of GE building a nuclear reactor in the Philippines. GE and Marcos ripped off billions from this venture that seems to have been never designed to work.

    -El Salvador - the US backing of the extremely violent Christian Democratic military regime. The CIA was, almost certainly, involved in the creation and training of the Death Squads via their Schools of the Americas partition in Honduras.

    -CIA use of LSD in unsuspecting Canadians in Canada. 1953 - spraying chemicals over Winnipeg Canada as a test. Co-operation of the Canadian government must be recognized.

    -Believe me the list goes on and on and includes the events in Georgia and the breakaway state of Ossetia.

    - Media manipulation of Americans to create favour for the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    -Media lies about new born babies being taken from their beds and placed upon the hospital floors when Saddam (given the green light by Bush Sr) invaded Kuwait over an oil dispute.--------------

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    I can remember several mistakes we've done inside and outside our borders. Have you been to an Indian reservation lately? Also, the CIA has a long track record of cutting the legs off other countries. What have we done wrong outside our borders besides invade a country for their natural resources? Let's see. We put the Shah in power in Iran. We had Salvador Allende assassinated and replaced him with Augustin Pinochet. We sold nukes to the Iranians to fund the contras in Latin America. There are several other things we have done wrong. I am a patriot, but I'm not a jingoist.

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    I'm not American, but let me add one mistake the US did, and it was shooting down an Iranian Airbus full of civilian passengers (mistaken for an F14!!!) above the Persian Gulf some 20 years ago.

    That "mistake" made iranian people more and more angry at the US government, especially when the officer in charge was awarded a medal of courage by the US President back then!

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    Yes, I remember quite a lot, despite my age :)

    The US historically has interfered in other countries' political affairs so much that the CIA has coined the term "blow back" to describe the consequences of those politically motivated 'interferences'. The ones that come immediately to mind: the Middle East (Iran, Iraq, etc), South America (Ecuador, El Salvador, etc.), Cuba... The list goes on, and those are the cases of government, political and diplomatic "meddling". Too many articles to link, but here are a couple:

    -- The Roots of Radical Islam:

    -- American Thinking About Violence in the Middle East

    A separate category, and perhaps not really what you were asking about, are the instances of corporate interests investing in oppressive regimes for the sake of profits. Hershey giving away baby formula until mothers stopped producing milk and were dependent on it, then they started selling it. Dole, "Big Oil", the list goes on there too. A case against Shell Oil that's probably getting no coverage in mainstream media:

    -- Shell on Trial: Landmark Trial Set to Begin Over Shell’s Role in 1995 Execution of Nigerian Human Rights Activist Ken Saro-Wiwa

    -- Relatives of Colombia Death Squad Victims Sue U.S.-Based Fruit Giant Chiquita for Arming, Funding Their Killers

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    I can think of many wrongs committed by the US in my own life time.

    This is not a comprehensive list but some of the low points include

    1) Vietnam, an unnecessary war we entered on false pretenses

    2) the destabilization and destruction of Cambodia under Nixon

    3) the US involvement in the destabilization of Chile

    4) the US CIA led revolt of the Kurds in Iraq

    6) the CIA Bay of Pigs operation

    7) the US/ CIA involvement in the civil war in Nicaragua

    8) the US CIA support of death squads in El Salvador

    9) the US CIA assassination of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo

    10) the US invasion and occupation of Iraq

    and there are a lot more I can include:

    the US CIA overthrow of Mosedeqh in Iran and the Shah's rise to power in 1954

    the US CIA assassination of Arbenez in the Dominican Republic

    and for our allies, as Jean Kirkpatrick once said

    " they may be bastards but they're our bastards "

    the US support of DW Botha in South Afrika

    the US support of Park Chun Yee in S. Korea

    the US support of Ferdinand Marcos in the Phillippines

    the US occupation of the Phillippines after the Spanish American War

    The Spanish American War itsself.

    All of this is about money, power, resources and vested interests.

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    Deposing the Shah in Iran seems to have invited blowback. This is only an example. Of course, defining something as a mistake is subjective. And even if we can agree that an action was wrong, we must be aware of the possibility that it was according to some plan. Just because something doesn't benefit the U.S. or world broadly doesn't mean that it doesn't benefit some narrow interets. By now, we should be well aware that special interests lobby the U.S. government for favors. Indeed, this probably happens in any government that has any degree of influence.

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    Iraq,Viet Nam,San Salvador, The backing of Batista during the Cuban Revolution

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    The invasion of Iraq and the Viet Nam War come to mind. The USA has done some good but we should also admit our mistakes. Those are two of them.

    Edited to add:

    Upon some reflection, the CIA has been used extensively to interfere in the affairs of foreign nations and has apparently at times been quite brutal in its actions. Others have listed extensively some actions that bespeak of overriding self-interest together with a disregard for human life. Supporting dictators and squelching democratic movements and the nuclear attacks on Japan are some of the low points of U.S. foreign policy actions.

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    Look up My Lai. Possibly the darkest day in US history.

  • Are you talking US policy outside the borders, or US individuals that have traveled outside the US border?

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