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While conducting a SWOT analysis for a maintenance service company..?

What points I need to consider?

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    This is a technique used to help the Marketing department to assess a product/service. It is a way of assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the product/service. It can also be applied to the business as a whole.

    To carry out a SWOT analysis, the following is drawn up :

    STRENGTHS: Good Brand image

    Sales in the home market are rising.

    WEAKNESSES: Necessary updates to production equipment would mean production costs will rise.

    OPPORTUNITIES: Could sell in new markets abroad/become a multinational.

    Could merge with a competitor to increase market share.

    THREATS: Foreign multinationals pose threat.

    Source(s): My IGCSE Business textbook. =)
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    be sure to b inline with ur objective for performing SWOT analysis.

    ask as many why as possible..all the best!

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