this may sound stupid............?

right here we go when i was pregnant with my twins i did everything by the book i quit smoking ate well didnt drink alcohol not that i do anyway and i lost my twins at 17 weeks... now im 11weeks 4 days pregnant and i want to stop smoking but im affraid that the stress of me quitting will harm my baby and i will miscarry is this possible i no it sounds so silly but i dont want to do anything that will jepodise my pregnancy.. i no smoking isnt good in pregnancy at all but im just going off what happened to me last time.. xx

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    multiple births does carry hugher risk of misscarriage i am sorry for your loss ((hugs))

    i would suggest cutting down smoking before quitting .... ok so give me a thumbs down i dont care but it its less of a shock to the body cutting down before quitting

    keep up with your dr appointments and take care of yourself xxxxxxxxxx

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    it's not stupid at all, i asked like a million people about this. some people may get mad about this answer but i'm just going to give you m experience now that i'm 36 weeks pregnant and quit smoking officially 2 weeks ago. i'm bi-polar and had to get off 4 different psych meds immediately when i found out i was pregnant, so quitting seemed nearly impossible. my doctor said to try to quit before the 2nd trimester starts because from that point on it affects the baby more. i tried to quit in the end of december, and i was hysterical, i was literally sitting around crying and stuff. so i switched to lights and for the most part i cut down to 3 a day (according to the smokers hot line if you smoke less than 5 a day the side affects are far less) the when i was 34 weeks i got an update on my pregnancy from a website saying that a baby's lungs mature starting from that 34 week point. i felt so bad smoking after that i quit completely. i'd much more strongly recommend tapering off. i'd say you should definitely wait till you're out of that "more likely to miscarry" stage that i think goes till 12 weeks.maybe wait till like 15 to be safe? i hate to admit all this about myself, but i hope it helps. good luck :)

  • The stress from quitting could be harmful if it is a lot, but the cigarettes could harm him/her as well. You should talk to your doctor and make a plan to use the patches and stuff so you ease of gradually. Smoking can cause you to go into pre term labor and also to have a low birth weight baby. When you combine those two factors things start getting very risky. and you should quit smoking for good so next time you are pregnant it isn't an issue.

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    Every pregnancy is different and I can tell you that cause I have 3 toddlers of my own and every pregnancy had different emotions and issues going on, so try not to stress about what happened with your previous pregnancy because it will give you extra stress that you don't need right now. If you think that you have a high risk pregnancy contact ob and let them know your concerns. Take your vitamins and pregnancy pills. Don't participate in vigorous activities, and if you believe that you are really at high risk avoid sexual intercourse.

    Please stop smoking it's so bad for your baby, and I know it's hard to quit, I had to quit when I was pregnant with my babies. Try to find things you like that may keep you relaxed when you feel the stress coming on.

    Best thing to do is talk to your OB and see what they say.

    Good luck sweetie, I hope everything turns out good for you and your baby.

    If you need someone to talk to add me and I'll give you my email address.

    Source(s): My experiences!!! 7 pregnancies, 3 babies and 4 miscarriages.
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  • If you are worried about stressing out your body then rather cut down on the smoking instead of going cold turkey. I doubt the quitting of smoking had anything to do with your loss but it is still extremely traumatic.

    Remember that many women out there still smoke and have successful pregnancies and healthy babies. Go on your gut feeling. As a mother you will know what is right for you and your baby.

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    Your quitting smoking likely had nothing to do with loosing the twins at all. You should at least cut down as much as you can in order to decrease the liklihood of a lower birth weight. Mant women have early miscarriages and go on to have successful pregnancies so try not to worry. I had six healthy babies but I have also had two early miscarriages

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    The stress from quiting could be a little overwelming but the effects that the smokeing is gonna have on your baby is going to be way worse :-( You should really stop unless you want to have to deal with a baby who has health problems for the rest of his/her life!!

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    ive heard docs dont really like you to quit cold turkey... just try and cut back. i know friends who have smoked all the way thru their pregnancys and everything was fine... i was also smoking wen i found out i was pregnant but quit as soon as i knew... just try and cut back if you can but try not to stress about it to much... good luck and congrads :)

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    I see no way for that happening so I wouldn't worry about it though, if you really are concerned, you could ask a doctor/midwife.

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