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red tides

Plx explan that from 1975 to 2007, why did red tides usually occur in March and April in HK water?

(plx explan in English)

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    Red-tide Timeline

    1880 -- A widespread episode of bird mortality affects the Florida Gulf. It is believed by some to

    have resulted from red tide.

    1884 -- The first incident of human sickness from red-tide-infected shellfish is recorded in Florida.

    1947 -- After record rains in the Panhandle, a massive red-tide bloom along the Florida Gulf

    Coast lasts nearly a year, all but destroying the commercial fishing industry and killing the sponge

    beds near Tarpon Springs.

    1953 -- The longest single red-tide episode recorded to that date begins an 18-month stay along

    the Florida Gulf Coast.

    1998 -- First year of the unbroken run of annual red-tide episodes that continues to this day.

    2001 -- The Apalachicola Oyster Festival imports oysters after the bay is closed to shellfishing

    because of red tide.

    2005 -- A red-tide bloom lasting most of the year results in a "dead zone" the size of Rhode Island

    on the Gulf floor. Sarasota County health officials propose posting red-tide alert signs on area

    beaches, but tourism officials warn that they could have an adverse affect.

    2006 -- After a brief respite, red tide picks up again, causing state scientists to call the bloom that

    began in 2005 one of the two or three worst in Florida's history. The national Sierra Club says it

    will open a Sarasota office to "move red tide to the top of the agenda."

    Going global

    1975 -- Hong Kong's first red tide prompts the protectorate government to begin recording

    episodes. By 2005, there will be 759 of them, most nontoxic.

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