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Jon Stewart vs. Stephen Colbert?

Jon Stewart is leaps and bounds better than Stephen Colbert (Kohl-Bert). Just look at how they conduct their interviews, Jon Stewart engages the interviewee and asks pressing questions and discusses about what matters.

Stephen Colbert on the other hand simply interrupts every single answer with some ridiculous statement that is neither professional nor entertaining.

Ex: SC: "What is your opinion on abortion?"

??: "I believe that abortion should be legal because--"


And another thing, although I do understand that he is just reading off of a teleprompter, somebody needs to stop making Colbert seem like such a narcissist. Telling his fans to vote for "Stephen Colbert" as the name of that NASA space nod? I mean c'mon

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    I think Stewart has a lot more cool factor and a more laid back semi-serious show.


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    Well you're obviously just fishing for people to agree with you. (You're surely not going to pick the answer that disagrees, right.)

    I like Colbert much more. I don't dislike Stewart, but Colbert is sharper, faster, funnier. I honestly think Colbert is a genius. Stewart also tends to get cartoonish and overly drammatic when he delivers his lines. Raising the volume doesn't make something more funny.

    Also, Colbert's fake persona is a brilliant way to play "devil's advocate". I think more about issues when I see Colbert ask mock-extreme-right-wing questions, and see how people answer them.

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    Yeah, I agree. I really like Jon Stewart more than Stephen Colbert. He's really funny and can be very serious at times though which is a good things. Another reason why I like him better is that it's actually him and not a character type person like Stephen Colbert. He's so random and absurd but in a good way sometimes :)

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    Steven is very very bad at improvisatory humor. Saw him twice on Conan some time ago and he was awful everytime C O'B set him up for a joke. Cole-bert is just one step away from poor white trash with his roots in South Carolina...

    Jon Stewart on the other hand should be paying royalty fees to Adam Sandler for stealing his monkey shines and baby faces from his act/ movies. Doubt Jon could ever hold down a real job since none of his talk shows B4 this lasted more than 12 months and his acting career is a joke (remember him in "Big Daddy"?...yea me either). He shouldn't be too worried since his brothers are financial guru's who have made millions in the stock trade and financial markets...

    Both guys could be easily replaced by that guy from ESPN who started the Daily Show back when it was funny and not just a shill these days for the left to use for talking points and shadowing O'Reilly. But the Viacom chiefs like 'em and will probably keep em on 4 times a day to help South Park as the only 2 shows that make money on that channel.

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    Choosing between these two wold be like having to choose between my children. It just can't be done. I love them both, very much, but for different reasons.

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