What Are The Correct Songs & Words For 92.5 JOE FM & 103.9 CISN Country In Edmonton For Thursday May 28th 2009?

I Want To Say A Very Special Happy Birthday To pj, So Happy Happy Birthday Honey.I Just Want To Thank Everyone From The Edmonton & Surrounding Area's For All That You Do To Make This The Best Team On Yahoo Answers. You Guys & Ladies Totally Rock Man.

Without You All, It Would Not Be The Well Oiled Machine That It Is.

Thank You So Very Much & GIT-R-DONE

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    Good Morning, Everyone !! Thanks for the Happy Birthday Wishes !

    Party for at least for the next three days !!


    Rewards Newsletter Bonus Code - Advantage

    Twitter Bonus Code - Capital


    7am Song - Something Like that

    7:15 Word- Time

    Bowies - Fishin' In The Dark

    9am Song- One In Every Crowd

    Work Word - Coffee

    10:15 Word - Buddy

    12pm Artist- Brad Paisley

    2pm Song - Kiss A Girl

    2:15 Word - Drinks

    4:15 Word - Helicopter

    5pm Song - All I Want To Do

    Most Wanted - You Belong To Me

    8:15 Word -Toes


    9am - Wanted Dead or Alive

    11am - Mr. Jones

    2pm - Fast Car

    6 pm - Fly

    8 pm - Love stinks

    HowStuffWorksTrivia- 3 million

    Nissan Trivia - Newsletter Signup

    Mentos Trivia- What's Your Idea

    Bose Trivia -Aviation

    Games Trivia- Fireballs

    Sleuth - Support

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    Answers for CISN 103.9 Edmonton & Country 105 Calgary

    CISN: Answers worked @ 12am

    7am Song = Something Like that

    7:15 Word = Time

    BBFF = Fishin' In The Dark

    9am Song = One In Every Crowd

    Work Word = Coffee

    10:15 Word = Buddy

    12pm Artist = Brad Paisley

    2pm Song = Kiss A Girl

    2:15 Word = Drinks

    4:15 Word = Helicopter

    5pm Song = All I Want To Do

    Most Wanted = You Belong To Me

    8:15 Word = Toes

    Country 105:

    7am Song = All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

    7:15 Word = Balboa

    Work Word = Files

    10:15 Word = Conservation

    1st Song @ Lunch = Love Story

    Top 3 @ 3 = Kiss A Girl

    4:15 Word = Manchester

    5pm Song = Xxx's And Ooo's

    Trivia for Both:

    Bose = Aviation Headsets

    Country Music = A

    Games = Fire

    Hello Mr. Prime Minister = C

    How Stuff Works = About 3 Million

    Let's Go Green Canada = B

    Sleuth = Support

    Sports = B

    This Day In Canadian History = A

    Have a great day everyone

  • Champions: A) Bodo Illgner

    Country Music Trivia: A) East Tennessee State Univ.

    Games: fireballs (toaster launch you watch out for?)

    Hello Mr. President: B) James Madison

    HowStuffworks.com: 3 million

    Video of the Day Trivia: Howdy Doody (what is the theme show pictured as the Hawaii 5-0 song begins to play?)

    This Day in U.S. History: A) USS Virginia

    Where in the world: A) Scotland

    Newsletter: burger

    Artist: Kellie

    Andy’s: stolen brownie (5/27)

    Nascar: victory (5/27)

    Taylor: Daley (5/27)

    All Access: #101 aloft

    Music committee 5/26 : Blake Shelton

    Happy Birthday PJ!

  • kmart
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    WBEE Rochester, NY

    Champions - A

    Games 'n eCards - Fireballs

    Health Views Male Survey - Click Here to complete our 5-10 minute*

    Hello Mr. President - B

    How Stuff Works - About 3 million

    New Video - The Howdy Doody Show

    Sleuth - Support

    This Day in U.S. History - A

    Where in the World - A

    General - Salutations

    Artist: Tim McGraw

    Song: Life

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    These Trivia answers, words and songs are for Country 105, Q Nation Q107 and Country 95.3

    If you want the answer, otherwise, just type ABC

    Good morning everyone, hope you all have a great day!

    Country Music Trivia - A

    Classic Rock Challenge - C

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - FIREBALLS

    Hello,Mr. Prime Minister - C

    Let's Go Green Canada! - B

    Sleuth Trivia - SUPPORT

    Sports Trivia - B

    This Day in Canadian History - A

    HowStuffWorks.com Trivia - 3 MILLION





    Legends Lunch - LOVE STORY

    3 @ 3 -KISS A GIRL


    7:15am Jet Set Word - BALBOA

    10:15am Jet Set Word - CONSERVATION

    4:15pm Jet Set Word - BEACHES

    Q107 SONGS


    Legends Lunch - BORN ON THE BAYOU

    2:00 PM - WHO ARE YOU


    THE NEW COUNTRY 95.3 -

    6:00 AM - HAPPY

    7:00 AM - BIRTHDAY

    8:00 AM - OLIVIA

    11:00 AM - CAKE


    2:00 PM - PRESENTS

    4:00PM - BARBIE

    6:00 PM - GEMINI

    Bonus Codes: Laura's Blog - TROUBADOUR

    Bonus Code - Brad's Blog - GARDEN

    Bonus Code: Lea's Blog - HappyBirthdayOlivia

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    Happy Thursday Everyone..

    Happy Birthday PJ!!!!!

    Andy’s - Choc-o-rocko

    Artist - Kellie Pickler

    Nascar - Victory Lane

    Taylor - Daley Plaza

    Champions - A

    Country Music Trivia - A

    Games - Fireballs

    Hello - B

    HowStuffworks - 3 Million

    Video - Howdy Doody

    History - A

    Where in the World - A

    Sleuth - Support

    Prayers being said daily for all of our family members and friends..

    Thumbs up and please remember to return and give a thumbs up to those who have answered after you...

    Rose11 and Sheb12 hope you had a great time at the Jason Michael Carroll concert. Pre school graduation kept me from attending.

    Joan K

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    1 Survey - Favorite Latenite Talk Show Host?

    5​ O'CLOCK​ TRIVIA​ -​ Summer​ Time​ Blues​ -​ (sum)​

    4​ O'CLOCK​ FLASHBACK​ -​ Ty​ Herndon​ -​ (ty)​ -​ Living​ in​ a​ moment​

    General​​​​ Mills​​​​ -​​​​ Salutation​​​​ -​​​​ (sal)​​​

    SLEUTH​ -​ "SUPPORT"​ -​ (sup)​

    Mantel's Video - 5 - (5)

    #1 Country Artist - (ros) - Rosanne​ Cash​ -​ Seven​ Year​ Ache​ -​ 1981​

    CITY​ of​ the​ Day​ -​​ Canton​ -​ (can)​

    Howstuffworks.com​ -​ 3​ million​ -​ (mil)​

    NEW​​ Video​​ of​​ the​​ Day​​ -​​ Howdy​​ Doody​​ -​​ (ow)​

    Champions​ (a)​ -​ Bodo​ Illgner​

    Country​ Music​ Trivia​ (a)​ -​ East​ Tennessee​ State​ University​

    Country​ Music​ Video​ (b)​ -​ No​

    Games​ n'​ eCards​ (fir)​ -​ Fireballs​

    Hello,​ Mr.​ President​ (b)​ -​ James​ Madison​

    This​ Day​ in​ History​ (a)​ -​ USS​ Virginia​

    Where​ in​ the​ World​ ?​ (a)​ -​ Scotland​

    C&P​ -​ OwSuMilCAnFiRosB5SupSalTy

    Source(s): WGAR, CMT
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PJ, have an awesome day, week and rest of the birthday month, I'm just passing on words from the wise....... gotta love Beecher (she is my hero) :)

    HowStuffWorksTrivia, how many Jumps = 3 million

    Nissan Trivia = Newsletter Signup

    Mentos Trivia = What's Your Idea (better be a good one)

    Bose Trivia = Aviation

    Games Trivia, Toaster Launch = Fireballs

    Join the K-97 Road Hogs at COMPUTER TRENDS at 10008 - 170 Street from 1 - 5pm on Saturday, May 30 to get your K-97 Codeword

    103.9 CISN

    7am = Then

    7:15 = time

    Bowie = Daddy's Come Around

    9am = Every Day

    work = copier

    10:15 = buddy

    Lunch = Brad Paisley

    2pm = I Don't Even Know Your Name OR Kiss a Girl

    2:15 = drinks

    4:15 = helicopter

    5pm = All Summer Long

    Wanted = I Told You So

    8:15 = toes (go ahead laugh I counted all eleven are there)


    92.5 JOE

    Mo (I was able to use the dashes after midnight)

    9am = Wanted Dead or Alive

    11am = Mr. Jones

    2pm = Fast Car

    Janey was here, but now she is gone

    She left her name to turn you on

    Those who know her, know her well

    Those who don't, can go to HELLLO

    Big Ole' Canadian Bear Hugs from the Hoser...according to Crazzijim

    Source(s): With help from EVERYONE
  • 1 decade ago

    Good Morning Everyone,

    Happy Birthday To pj!

    93.7 - MIKEFM & 107.3 - WAAF - Boston, MA

    Champ or Chump Trivia = b) Don Budge

    Champions = a) Bodo Illgner

    Games 'n eCards Trivia = Fireballs

    General Mills Free Coupons Trivia = Salutation

    Health Views Male Survey Panel Trivia = click here to complete our 5-10 minute membership survey

    Hello, Mr. President = b) James Madison

    Home Biz Match Trivia = Retire early

    HowStuffWorks = About 3 million

    Music Challenge = b) 25

    New Video Trivia = Howdy Doody

    Quality Health Trivia = Samples, Coupons, and Rebates

    Rock Music Trivia = b) False

    Sleuth Trivia = Support

    This Day In U.S History = a) USS Virginia

    Where In The World? = a) Scotland

    Alternatively, you can copy and paste


    to get credit on all trivia questions.

    Mike (rimsk)

    Source(s): Got My Points rimsk
  • 1 decade ago

    Thanks everyone! Thumbs up!

    92.5 XTU Philadelphia

    My 3 Songs: Vacation

    Country Cafe: Vacation

    Make it or Break it: Vacation

    ABC for multiple Choice

    New Video of the Day Trivia: Howdy Doody

    Games 'n eCards Trivia: Fireballs

    HowStuffWorks.com Trivia: 3 Million

    General Mills Free Coupons Trivia: Salutation​​​​

    Health Views Male Survey Panel Trivia: Click here to complete our 5-10 minute membership survey

    Sleuth: Support

    Thoughts and Prayers for all of those who need them!

    A very Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to all who are celebrating today!

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