Need help with TS, CD, CM, CM, CS format paragraph.?

I'm writing an essay on the Holocaust. My thesis is: Gerda was able to survive the injustices she experienced through her unfaltering qualities of obedience, willpower, and imagination. All my paragraphs are good except this one...

TS: Gerda was obedient to authority.

CD: When her father told her to wear her ski boots on a summer day, Gerda obeyed, even though the request seemed impractical at the time.

CM: This is important because during the freezing winter, Gerda had her ski boots to protect her feet and help her endure the elements.

CM: Her obedience to authority ................

CS: By being obedient, Gerda was able to assure that she .....

I'm having trouble with repetitiveness in the last two sentences.

I know the background info is lacking, but our teacher told us to concentrate on the format and qualities more than the background info.

Best help recieves the best answer 10 points!

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    CM: Her obedience to authority ................

    "signified her trust in her father and belief that his advice was given with her best interests in mind."

    CS: By being obedient, Gerda was able to assure that she .....

    "would be best prepared as possible to withstand and survive the challenges she would face during the Holocaust."

    On a different note, I just felt like sharing my dissatisfaction with the 11-sentence paragraph format. In middle school, I had to learn and use the 11-sentence paragraph format. In high school, they actively made me un-learn the 11-sentence paragraph format and substitute it with the 5-paragraph essay format. Apparently, the 11-sentence paragraph is counterproductive to the 5-paragraph essay format. In college, professors don't really care much for the 5-paragraph essay as it is often too restrictive and limited in its scope. A student utilizing the 5-paragraph essay may discover that they cannot fully address an essay prompt in just 5 paragraphs alone. Impracticality results from college-level essay prompts being multi-faceted and complex, along with an all-too-often request that papers either be short 3-page essays (to demonstrate that a student can be brief, concise, and to-the-point) or 8-10 page research papers (to examine comprehensiveness of work). The 5-paragraph essay usually translates to 4 and a half pages, which satisfies neither page limit requirements. These writing antics they teach us are silly, but I suppose you can't really write a research paper until you know how to structure an argument (hence learning the 5-paragraph essay), and you cant quite go about writing multi-paragraph essays until you know how to assemble an effective paragraph (thus the 11-sentence TS-CD-CM-CM-chunk-chunk-CS form).

    I suppose what I'm saying is, good luck to you. Teachers will make you learn the 11-sentence then un-learn (in an active process usually synonymous to teachers explicitly saying they don't want to see the 11-sentence format) the 11-sentence. Following which you will learn the 5-paragraph essay format only to discover that it is not useful in college and must adapt to a new style of writing.

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    11 Sentence Paragraph Format

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    wonderful book. very easy reading. very short read. hint #1 "objectivism" hint #2 it's all about expressions of individualism which have been suppressed to the extent where even the word " I " is banished from the language.....and one man "equality 7-2521" fight to regain it. good luck

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