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Will Ohio State win the National Championship?

OSU will have the spotlight on them after they dust off USC early on. Then they only have Penn State to worry about, and then it is clear sailing to the Title Game.

Do you agree?

Bonus question:

When does ESPN plan to break camp from in front of Brett Favre's house, and move back to their home base in front of Tim Tebow's house?


Duke Of Earle (or whatever your name is):

Blibity was a budding star, but Luke H. was the freakin' John Wayne of the football section. A legend that can never be equaled.

Update 2:

Oklahoma is the only team that can talk about non-conference schedules. They are the only team that ever plays anybody!

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    Even though we lost our O-Line, OU has to be the favorites..but i hope we play the Buckeyes...Somebody has to win right?

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    h, I'm gonna have to say it's not the best idea to talk smack about OOC games. Every conference schedules their fair share of cream puff games. I've always had respect for the Buckeye's, Nittany Lions, and the Wolverines as historic programs. All the traditional powerhouses have gone through periods of down times but, they always rebound. OSU is consistently a very good team and I have no doubt that they could be in the Title game. Pryor has a lot of speed and athleticism to counter act other conferences that rely on speed.(SEC) They gotta get by USC but, if they do, it's coasting til PSU.

    How interesting would it be to see a hypothetical situation such as say... Alabama, Oklahoma, and Ohio State to be undefeated at the end of the regular season. Who do you think would be 1-2? Hmm...

    As far as the Favre Q... Have to agree with the other poster... When Favre decides and tells everybody.

    Bl- er... Earle - I'm not a "shameless SEC homer" who thinks the SEC is the only conference capable of fielding good teams, having great players, or winning titles. I do think the SEC is probably the strongest conference but not by some crazy margin. The Big 12 is neck and neck and the PAC 10 and Big 10 are not that far behind. I think all the conferences are pretty competitive. Each one has their strong teams and their bad teams.(Ms. St./Kentucky)

    Source(s): Never liked Fran, anyway. You especially don't say that kinda crap about a fellow (future) HoF'er. I may have my issues with Favre but, even I know that's wrong.
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    No. Ohio St. will probably still lose to USC and regardless if they win that game or not, I don't think they go on the road and beat Penn St., and they still might lose to a tough Iowa team as well.

    And as far as those that wish to question the toughness of the Big Ten out of conference schedule, it may not be great, but at least its not as laughable as the SEC out of conference schedule, with 12 Division II schools scheduled for 2009.

    BQ: Probably as soon as Favre comes out of his house and personally (not through his agent or some kind of mediator) says that he is going to retire or return for the 2009 season.

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    No. Big Ten football is barely considered prime. Maybe just a cut above MAC. Review the NFL draft list for the last several years. The schools have become more concerned with academics and the coaches cannot recurit speed.

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    No they won't.

    If Ole Miss makes it to the national championship game I hope they play Ohio State. With Ohio State's record against SEC teams it's a sure-fire win.

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    No. The "Big" Ten(11) is a pathetic shell of years gone by.

    There's no way a team can prepare for a National Championship by beating up on Navy, Toledo and New Mexico St. USC is the only test they have, and I see them getting an "F" in that one.

    Don't feel bad, though. The whole "Big" Ten(11) is guilty of scheduling out-of-conference patsies.

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    They will be in contention to win one but Michigan will pull off a huge upset this year in the Big House.

    Go Blue!

    Source(s): Hope the weathers not crappy, I plan on going!
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    nope its Clemson lol yeah have to desagre some Florida, Miami and alot of other teams have a shot

  • IF they make it they will choke in another BCS game

  • You are SO Luke H., aren't you!

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