Apple Iphone:features?

Im wondering what all is included when you purchase a iphone? im a little confused. Do you have to purchase everything separately? Are they apps that you have to buy for it to work? Like to use the phone? Music? are they apps that need to be purchased in order to use it?

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    Hey there...I actually work at a store that sells the IPhone and here's what I can tell you about them...

    First off they are basically an Apple IPod Touch with a phone built in. It's not considered a glorified IPod, because the phone aspect is just so much more revolutionized than your other smart phones out there.

    When you purchase an IPhone whether it's at an Apple store, or at a Wal-Mart store, you HAVE to get the required data package for it for $30 added to the plan you select. Tons of apps already included and there are THOUSANDS of free apps you can get from the app store and thousands more you can purchase nearly free of charge. Some of the cool features on the phone as well include GPS, Internet, touch screen IPod, and touch screen texting. Overall an unbelievable device.

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    The Apple iPhone is quite a remarkable device. However, it is indeed a phone, so the simple functions (making calls, text messages, etc.) are standard and free(excluding the cost of the phone service). Also, if you buy the phone from AT&T you will be forced to buy a $30 monthly data plan, which will allow you to use the features that connect to the internet, such as GPS, web browser, and other things. The iPhone is also an ipod, so the music player is free, too. The actual iPhone comes with a small sock case, a wall charger, USB connector (allows you to connect to your computer), and a set of headphones (I may be forgetting something but that's pretty much it). Now its time to talk about apps. The app store on itunes has both free and paid apps. Apps can range from free to $100 dollars, but most cost less than a few dollars. However many of them are free and the paid ones usually offer "lite" versions; a free demo basically. And as long as you get the apps from the app store on itunes, they should always work.

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    No. The iPhone is complete as purchased. The apps in the App Store are useful and fun but they are not necessary for the phone to work or for you to load music onto it or to access the internet or send email or text. And don't worry, a lot of the apps are free.

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    All of the Apps in the App store are there solely for your entertainment really. You do not need to buy anything from the App store in order for the phone to work.

    As far as what comes with the phone in the box?

    1. iPhone

    2. SIM card

    3. USB adapter

    4.Wall charger

    5. ''Finger Tips'' a small pamplet on what the phone can do.

    You can purchase music from the iTunes App and download it right from you phone. Prety cool.

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    So the apps that are included are















    app store





    All those are included, but apps like facebook or games must be download from itunes or through the app store on the phone, there are thousands of free apps

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    no those apps come with the phone. other apps are free or you can download them very cheaply. however. like all smartphones, you need to pay for the data packages with the phone every month, this is for the internet, there is no way around this. so it is an extra 30$ a month! if the internet is worth that much to you than go ahead and buy it.

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    once you buy the iphone all you have to do is activate it. once you do that all the main apps that you need(itunes, phone, text, internet, ect.) are already on the phone. you will have to purchase any other app you want though like games and other stuff


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    the phone is already put in it,so is the music part. you tube, a camera, gps maps, notes, a calculator, email, itunes store, app store, and a lot more. sum of the apps in the app store are free unless you don't have an account with itunes.

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