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will dorian gray starting ben barnes be released in the u.s?

and if so whens the released date

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    Oh, I do hope so. I've been ecstatic about this movie ever since I first found out about it. I know it's due to release in the UK on September 18, and in Finland on the 25th of December, but so far, there is no US release date, unfortunately. I'm assuming it will, in fact, be released in America, however, since so many book-to-movie adaptations are (especially the classics!). In the meantime, if you'd like, you can view the links below to some cool movie posters and even a behind-the-scenes video about the filming of the movie:

    Movie Posters:



    Entire Behind-the-Scenes of Filming Gallery:

    Behind-the-Scenes video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Hope I helped!

    EDIT: Just found this interview with Ben Barnes online. The interviewer asks, "When and where can people see "Dorian Gray"?" Ben answers:

    "I know it’s coming out in England in September. It doesn’t have a studio here [in the United States] yet. I think they’re going to wait for the right partnership."

    So yep, it is coming out in the US eventually. :D

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    i'm SO excited for this movie. i've got no longer examine the e book, yet i be attentive to the tale. And, from what i've got seen of Ben's paintings in Narnia: Caspian, to boot as part of his scene in Stardust, and a quick movie he became in talked approximately as "Bigga Than Ben", he's have been given mind-blowing expertise. relatively an staggering actor. i think of he would be staggering. :)

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